Safety and Security Programming

Miami University has developed a robust faculty-led education abroad program over the past decade. As we work to expand opportunities for students to develop competencies through experiential travel opportunities it is essential that we continue to develop the capacity of our program leaders to support the safety and security of our students while they are traveling in Miami sponsored programs.

Faculty and staff serving as leaders for Miami University study travel program are required to complete, once every two years, safety and security programming identified by the Study Abroad Office. All program leaders will carry an approved First Aid Medical Kit during program travel.

The proposed safety and security programming is delivered on two levels. Level 1 includes standard travel programs in locations that are within one hour of definitive medical care. Level 2 includes travel programs that are one hour or more from definitive medical care. “Definitive care” is a hospital or clinic providing medical care for health challenges that require specialized skills, treatment techniques, and knowledge in order to manage the patient for an extended period of time. The level will be determined in the proposal development process by the Study Abroad Office in collaboration with the program leader, and risk management consultants such as GeoBlue and International SOS. All proposals are approved at the department and division level.

Medical Kit

Purchased by Global Initiatives and stored at the Rec Center–program leader checks out kit for travel and returns at program end.

Level 1

Mountain Series Day Tripper Adventure Medical Kit

Level 2

Mountain Series Fundamentals Medical Kit

First Aid Training

Expensed to program budget and completed every 2 years

Red Cross Blended Learning Adult CPR/First Aid—4 hours
(2 hours self-study online plus 2 hours classroom practical training)

Forum on Education Abroad Standards of Good Practice Workshop

Expensed to Global Initiatives

Level 1 (First-time Directors)

Eight hour interactive workshop on campus

  • Standard 4—Student preparation for learning environment abroad
  • Standard 5 – Student code of conduct and disciplinary measures
  • Standard 8—Health and Safety
  • Application of Miami University Guidelines and risk management resources.

Level 2 (Returning Directors)

Required every 2 years

Two hour refresher

  • Miami policies and Forum standards