Global Neighbors

Students and an older gentleman smile at the annual Thanksgiving dinner

The aim of the Global Neighbors Program is for the Miami international students and the Oxford community to be more positively engaged with each other.

Oxford community members or Miami employees are matched with incoming international students for friendship and cultural exchange.

International students and community members mutually benefit through personal interaction that provides the opportunity for each to share their own culture and learn about others’ culture.

Program Expectations

  • Global Neighbors are expected to treat each other with respect, cultural sensitivity, and open-mindedness. Differences in religious and political beliefs should be respected. Efforts to influence others’ personal beliefs will not be tolerated in this program.
  • Global Neighbors are expected to meet at least 5 times during the semester.
  • Participating international students are expected to follow the Miami University Code of Conduct at all times, even when not on campus.
  • Participating community members are not expected to provide financial support, medical recommendations, or legal advice.
  • Participating community members are not expected to provide transportation.

How to Apply

Oxford Community Members / Miami Employees

Apply to be a Global Neighbor