J-1 Scholar Invitation Process

Be sure to review the J-1 Eligibility requirements before beginning this process. If you have any questions, please contact ISSS.

Below are the steps for bringing a J-1 Scholar to Miami University:

  1. Submit the J-1 Scholar Request form
  1. Within one business day after receiving this request, ISSS will send out links to two e-forms:

    The J-1 Scholar Position Information e-form will be sent to the appropriate departmental contact to obtain more information about the position to which the scholar is being invited or hired (see note about English proficiency below).

    The J-1 Scholar Applicant Information e-form will be sent to the scholar to obtain biographical information and other required documentation (copies of passport, CV, and the following if applicable: financial documentation, English proficiency documentation, and dependents’ passports).

    • Documentation of English proficiency will be required at this step and must be collected from either the scholar or the department. One of the following is required:
      • Documentation of objective test of English (TOEFL iBT score of at least 65, IELTS score of at least 5.5, or Duolingo English Test score of at least 90) - will be collected from the scholar
      • Documentation that scholar completed an academic degree or English language program in an English-speaking country (e.g. diploma, transcript, certificate of completion) - will be collected from the scholar
      • Documentation of an interview conducted in English with the scholar - will be collected from the department. The interview must meet the following requirements:
        • Conducted in English
        • Minimum of at least 15 minutes recommended
        • At least one university administrator must co-facilitate the interview along with the faculty supervisor. Contact Molly Heidemann if a second facilitator is needed.
  2. After the J-1 Scholar Position e-form is completed by the department and the J-1 Scholar Applicant Information e-form is completed by the scholar, ISSS will conduct an export control check. If any issues are found, ISSS will follow up with the faculty supervisor and the Research and Innovation office for further discussion.
  3. After all export control concerns are resolved, ISSS will send an approval e-form first to the Department Chair and then to the Dean. Note: if denied at any level, the scholar is not permitted on campus.
  4. After receiving approval from the Department Chair and Dean, ISSS will contact Academic Personnel to obtain a copy of the scholar’s appointment letter.
  5. After obtaining a copy of the appointment letter, ISSS will process Form DS-2019 and email it to the prospective J-1 scholar. The departmental contact will be notified that the invitation proces is complete.
  6. The scholar may then pay the SEVIS fee and apply for the J-1 visa to come to campus. The scholar must check in with ISSS and Academic Personnel upon arrival.

Terms of J-1 Scholar Appointments

    1. The Office of the Provost provides the Visiting International Scholar access to University libraries with full privileges; it provides an assigned library carrel, when available, and/or space in the host department. The host department is encouraged to involve the Visiting International Scholar as much as possible in the life of the department.
    2. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) issues the DS-2019 to Visiting International Scholars who are to be sponsored under Miami University’s J-1 Exchange Visitor Program. Those persons seeking to enter the U.S. or to remain in the U.S. in some other non-immigrant visa category will be advised of the appropriate visa documentation to request. Visiting International Scholars in J-1 status must check in with ISSS upon arrival, where a brief orientation to J-1 rules and regulations will be provided. As needed, it is expected that the host department will provide the Visiting International Scholar with an orientation to the University and to the Oxford community. Assistance will also be available in seeking long-term housing or in obtaining temporary accommodations until permanent housing can be located. Miami University is not responsible for providing housing on campus.
    3. Visiting International Scholars are required to provide their own medical insurance, if not a benefits-eligible Miami University employee. Information on available policies can be obtained from the ISSS office or by contacting international@MiamiOH.edu.
    4. Miami University accepts no liability for laboratory work engaged in by the Visiting International Scholar.
    5. The Visiting International Scholar should not expect to take on paid duties during his or her stay at Miami University beyond what is listed on his or her Miami University appointment letter. There is little likelihood that a paid position will be available. Visiting International Scholars in J-1 status do not have authorization to work off-campus.
    6. The Visiting International Scholar will notify the host department and ISSS if any family members will accompany him or her.
    7. The Visiting International Scholar is expected to comply with rules and regulations pertaining to Section 16: USE OF UNIVERSITY PROPERTY AND RESOURCES of the Miami University Policy and Information Manual.