Replace Lost or Damaged Document

Replace Lost or Damaged Document

It is important to keep and protect all of your I-20s or DS-2019s issued to you during your entire academic career as information contained on them may be necessary at a later date.

However, sometimes documents are unexpectedly lost, damaged, or stolen. If this happens, please notify ISSS and request a new I-20 or DS-2019 to replace your previous document.

  1. Login to your InterLink account
    1. Click on the blue login button. Login with your Miami unique ID and password.
    2. Navigate to “F-1 Student Services” or “J-1 Student Services” located in the menu
  2. Complete the e-form “Replace Lost or Damaged I-20” (F-1 Students) or “Replace Lost or Damaged DS-2019” (J-1 Students).

Please allow up to two weeks for ISSS to review and approve your request.

Please note that if you recently traveled abroad and returned to the U.S. and experienced problems with the officer at the port of entry. ISSS may need to meet with you to discuss these problems and help you complete any paperwork the officer may have provided.