CI Hosts Tea-Themed Chinese New Year Celebration

To welcome the year of the monkey, the Confucius Institute hosted a tea-themed Chinese New Year celebration on Feb. 8. The lobby of MacMillan Hall was well-decorated with red lanterns, Chinese knots and spring couplets. Upon entering the hall, everybody was immediately embraced by the color, fragrance and the atmosphere of festivity. Miami staff and students, local high school students and the members of the local community poured into the MacMillan Hall great room to experience the wonderful cultural event, featuring a traditional ritual demonstrated by the Confucius Institute Tea Club.

Each ceremony showcased different types of authentic tea, including green, black, white, Jasmine and oolong. Staff and students sampled different types of tea and Chinese snacks and could also view different types of beautiful Chinese tea sets, tea samples on display.

“I’m a tea man, and I like Chinese tea and tea sets very much,” a Miami staff member said.

Participants had the opportunity to hear live classical Chinese music played by the Confucius Institute Chinese Classic Musical Ensemble. After sampling tea and hearing the classical music, students had the chance to try calligraphy, giving them the opportunity to experience another tradition, in which tea taste always goes together with music, calligraphy and painting for an integrated appreciation. Many American participants who had been to China were even more enthusiastic about the event of experiencing Chinese culture again. Local high school students learned to express warm greetings of “Happy New Year” in Chinese while sampling dumplings and other Chinese snacks.

“It’s amazing to me that I spend a Chinese New Year in Ohio,” one of the American students said.

The atmosphere of festivity was brought to the climax at the MacMillan Hall great room.

Yazhou Song, the kung fu teacher at Confucius Institute, also lead a demonstration of kung fu with Molly Heidmann, a staff member from the Office of International Student and Scholar Services. This demonstration was warmly received by the audience.

The Confucius Institute is proud to bring these traditional culture to life for students and staff of Miami University and looks forward to another successful and fruitful year.