2017 Asian Food Fest

Students celebrating the Asian Food Fest, featuring bright colored animal costumes.
Students celebrating the Asian Food Fest, featuring bright colored animal costumes.

By Megan Zimmerer

On Saturday, May 13, CIMU co-hosted with the Asian Food Fest Board the annual Asian Food Festival in Cincinnati’s beautiful Washington Park. Accompanied once again by clear skies and fair temperatures, the festival brought even more people than last year. Over the course of two days, tens of thousands of people had the opportunity to taste Asian food from different countries and enjoy cultural performances!

The festival atmosphere was energetic and joyful, with many stimulating activities for passersby to enjoy. Miami University and the Confucius Institute at Miami University co-sponsored a stage featuring a multitude of performances from local groups. CIMU performers entertained the audience with a lion dance and two lovely classical Chinese musical performances, featuring the Erhu and Guzheng, two traditional Chinese instruments.

Audience members seemed to particularly enjoy the Chinese music. Two American girl spectators said in an exciting voice, “We like Chinese traditional music very much...and we can also envision the romantic and fantastic world with our imagination inspired by the Chinese musical instruments, which also contributed to the beauty of the Chinese culture.”

In addition to the performances, the many booths spread around the park (sponsored by local businesses) offered food and activities. Festival attendees enjoyed mouth-watering food from local restaurants, representing many countries including China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Cambodia, and the Philippines, etc.

The CIMU booth offered Chinese snacks and information while the spectators in panda and monkey costumes enjoyed taking the pictures with their families, friends and enthusiastic children.

The festival was a resounding success, offering an exciting opportunity for CIMU to strengthen its connection with the Cincinnati community and contribute to this wonderful culture-sharing event.

CIMU is proud to work as a multi-cultural resource in this beautiful display of Asian culture which shines as a vibrant piece of the brilliant multicolored tapestry of the city.