Confucius Institute Co-Sponsors Annual Dragon Boat Festival

Participants of the Dragon Boat Festival row down the river.
Participants of the Dragon Boat Festival row down the river.

Author: Megan Zimmerer

On Saturday, September 9, CIMU co-sponsored and participated in the highly anticipated annual Dragon Boat Festival at the Fitton Center in Hamilton. Blue skies and beautiful weather made for a perfect day along the Great Miami River. Tents lined the riverside, entertainment was provided, and a lively commentator narrated each race over a loud speaker: “Team 1 has a faster stroke, but Team 2 seems more coordinated; who will come out on top? The paddling, the fury, the sweating!” The crowd watched the races with joyous excitement, cheering their favorite teams and gathering to discuss the outcomes of the races.

Miami’s team brought together domestic and international Miami students as well as Miami employees and local community members. When the team fell short of members, an international student bravely stepped in as the team’s drummer, coordinating the rowers’ strokes. The team, still getting accustomed to the changes in people and strategy, lost the first round, but the team members gathered together in high spirits to discuss the outcomes and revise their strategy. Gaining confidence and coordination, they fared much better in the second round and, in an exciting turn of events, won the final round.

The Confucius Institute set up a booth with cultural and artistic activities, complete with candy, picture sets, and animal costumes. CI performers also put on a lion dance in the afternoon, choosing to perform right next to the river to add to the aesthetic appeal. In addition to the lion dance, CIMU’s new martial artist Zhibin Jin performed a kung fu routine.

The festival provided a wonderful opportunity for friendly competition, athleticism, cultural immersion, and family-friendly fun. CIMU is proud to co-sponsor and participate in this event. We hope to see you there next year!