8 Love Letters to MUDEC

MUDECers love Luxembourg! This Valentine's Day, let's read love letters from Miami students currently studying in Luxembourg.

1. “To be in Europe and to have all of these opportunities is the experience of a lifetime.”

Luke Schroder

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2. “I like how MUDEC is in Luxembourg because it feels like a home within Europe.”

Sarah Kingsbury   

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3. “I love that we go to school in a castle. Also, I love that we get to know new people in a newplace.”

Charlotte Wallis  

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4. “I love that you have freedom and time to get to know people.”

Will Gorman    

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5. “It feels like being in another world. I love being challenged by new people and places.”

Carrie Bantz

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6. “I love being forced to grow up and figure things out for myself. I love meeting new people and places."

Emily Wright

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7. “I love how homey MUDEC is.”

Katie Guirnalda    

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8. “MUDEC gives us educational experience while giving us new opportunities. It is the best of both worlds."

Tim Farrier

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