Reflecting on Study Abroad with 18 of the Last 9 Alumni

Six Miami University alumni who returned to share their stories.
Six Miami University alumni who returned to share their stories.

By Megan Schulte, student study abroad ambassador

Something that tends to get neglected when speaking about study abroad experiences is the professional and personal development that can ensue from traveling around the globe and experiencing new cultures. Participating in a study abroad program while in college tends to be a life-changing experience for those that go. The university does a great job of promoting study abroad programs to potential students and loves to showcase those currently studying abroad, but over the next few weeks, I want to showcase the amazing ways that study abroad can also change you as a person.

Over the next month, we are going to showcase six of Miami’s finest recent alumni, each week, who have been doing amazing things since their days as a Redhawk. All of these talented and ambitious individuals have one important thing in common: they studied abroad while at Miami. I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with each of these alumni and learn about their study abroad experiences and how it helped them become the incredibly successful people they are today. I am so excited and honored to share their stories. I walked out of these interviews with a new sense of appreciation for study abroad and it allowed me to reflect on how thankful I am for getting the chance to study abroad, realizing how much personal and professional development I also experienced.

From stories of the welcoming culture of Mongolia to drinking tea with practicing Monks, these alumni had wide ranges of cultural experiences that led them to their professional success today. In fact, many of them work in internationally-focused careers today, and credit study abroad as a crucial factor of their current professional success. Stay tuned for the next two months to hear some of the most inspiring and heartwarming stories that will make you want to get up and pack your bags.

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