Celebrating Thanksgiving with ISSS

By Megan Schulte, Global Initiatives Communications Specialist Student Worker

In honor of our annual ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner during International Education Week, we've asked four students why they're thankful for Miami. 

Why are you thankful for Miami?

1. Families and Relationships 

Name: Jugal Jain

Home Country: India 

A miami student stands confidently on a mountain

"I am thankful for Miami for making me a part of different families here in Oxford! I have many families: NewsStaff, iPOL (international peer orientation leader), my friends from Thomson Hall, and my residents from when I was an RA. Being thousands of miles away from home, these people have made it easier by creating a home away from home! I love them and am thankful for them. " 

2. A Community to Give Back To

Name: Yao Luo

Home Country: China  

A miami student sits in front of Farmer's piano

"I am thankful for Miami for offering me a home away from home, giving me the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world, and providing me with a stage in which I can apply my skills and knowledge to help others. During my time at Miami, I've found communities where I belong and I've built meaningful relationships with some wonderful people. Thank you, Miami!" 

3. Opportunities to Learn about Different Cultures

Name: Hannah Alt 

Home Country: USA 

A miami student stands in front of a lake

"I'm thankful for Miami because of all the great people I've met and amazing opportunities I've had here. Miami has allowed me to grow a lot as a person and as an academic, and I'm very thankful that I could have this experience and work with so many people from different backgrounds and beliefs." 

4. The Collegiate Experience 

Name: Beatriz Su

Home Country: Brazil 

A miami student smiles in a Miami sweatshirt in front of MacCracken Hall

"I am thankful to Miami for the career development opportunities, the students orgs to get involved with, and the great breakfast sandwiches at Dividends." 

Join us for the ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner!

Celebrate International Education week this November by attending the ISSS Thanksgiving Dinner or one of the many events that Miami is offering!

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