4 Ways Miami Makes Students Smile on World Smile Day

By Megan Schulte, Global initiatives Communication Specialist 

October 5 marks World Smile Day, so we asked these Miami students, that come from all around the world, what makes them smile about Miami.

What makes you smile about Miami?

1. The Friendly People and Places at Miami Make Me Smile 

Name: Yuan Chang 

Home Country: China  

A miami student smiles in a red jacket

"The squirrels running on the streets, the deer jumping out of bushes, and the comfortable environment here make me smile everyday. The red bricks, friendly faces, and polite classmates can always make my day."

2. My Friends at Miami Make Me Smile

Name: Akosua Boadi-Agyemang

Home Country: Botswana 

A miami student smiles

"I smile because of the knowledge I’ve gained, friendships I’ve made and opportunities I’ve had. I smile because in such a place, I lived such a life." 

3. My Home Away From Home Makes Me Smile

Name: Meaghan Murtagh 

Home Country: United States 

A student poses in front of MacCracken hall

"Miami makes me smile because of all the friendships, horses, mentors, and family it has brought into my life. Miami has become my home away from home and I am so thankful for everything it has given me." 

4. My Community At Miami Makes Me Smile 

Name: Nan Kanjanakullawat

Home Country: Thailand

A miami student smiles in a blue t-shirt

“Miami makes me smile because my friends in this community always support me. Miami gives me the opportunity to do what I love and also to gain new experiences from things that I’ve never done.”

This November, Miami celebrates International Education Week, which celebrates the value of education, and offers Miami's student many opportunities to get involved!