Where in the World is Miami Wednesday From: Brazil

By Megan Schulte, Global Initiatives Communications Specialist

This week we are featuring Miami Junior, Beatriz Su, who is an international student from Brazil. We asked her about her experience so far at Miami, and what life as an international student is like.

Why did you choose Miami?

Miami was the most welcoming to me and just made the most sense. I applied to other schools, but Miami was the one that really made the whole process easier. They sent me all the visa documents I needed and explained all I had to do regarding all the immigration and moving process. They did all of that before I even accepted the offer. They also sent me a scholarship which made the choice even more obvious. At the other schools I just felt like people didn’t care as much and I was just there to bump their diversity stats up.

What has surprised you most about living in America?

Portion sizes, cheese obsession, and lack of public transportation for sure. 

two miami students stand in front of Stoddard Hall signWhat is your favorite part about Miami?

The friends I’ve made (so cheesy). But I feel like the classes and the buildings are stuff I could get on other universities, but the people I’ve met are unique to this place and I always think how sad my life would be if it wasn’t for them. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment here at Miami?

I think landing a job with EY. It’s a company I have always admired and I would always talk to them at events since freshman year. It can be pretty tricky for international students to get a job in the US for a variety of reasons and I’m proud of myself for being able to not only get a job, but do so with my dream company. 

student stands smiling in snowy weatherWhat advice do you wish you had gotten before starting your international education experience?

Don’t be intimidated to talk to American students. It’s easy to stay within the international student bubble, especially since we have orientation together and start exploring Oxford together. But American students can really help make your study abroad experience more unique and you also get the chance to share your language and culture with them. They’re also great help when you have to take writing classes.

How has your experience at Miami changed you?

I’m definitely more confident and extroverted. I used to be really shy and sort of had a low self-esteem. Being part of Delta Sigma Pi, doing well in classes, surrounding myself with positive people, and being chosen for stuff like the FSB Center for Analytics and Data Science personally by professors really helped me believe more in myself. So all the opportunities here at Miami helped me develop and see the super cool skills I have. 

What is the coolest place you have visited in the US so far?

Los Angeles, CA. My roommate is from there and I visited her this past summer. I absolutely loved the place. I went boating and visited Disneyland for the first time there!

Catch us next time to see what other exciting international adventures that Miami students are taking.

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