Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: San Francisco

program participants pose with a miami flag

By Megan Schulte, Communications Specialist 


Program Name: San Francisco Digital Innovations program

Topic of Studies: Digital Media Marketing


Why you chose the program you did

Ben: I chose this program because it was a great opportunity to network and learn in an amazing city. San Francisco is a hub of tech and growth  

RachelMy advisor Glenn Platt told me in a meeting that I had all of the knowledge that I need from taking my Interactive Media Studies classes, but I needed experience to become an attractive candidate for hiring, so I set out to find a way to get experience. I had met a few people that have gone away on the SFDI program and came back absolutely raving about it, so I figured why not apply? After I learned about all of the awesome opportunities students get in San Francisco, it was decided.


Coolest place you have visited?

Ben: Yosemite has been hands down the the best place I have visited so far during my time here. The views were breathtaking; a truly one of a kind experience.

Rachel: One of my favorite places related to the program that we have visited is actually Facebook’s campus. Their campus feels just like a college campus and after learning more about the company culture it sounds like a place where you can explore your professional interests- plus free food! We also were fortunate enough to take a boat tour of the city where we went underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The sites were breathtaking.
Unrelated to the program, my boyfriend came to visit me and took me to San Martin to participae in goat yoga!


Favorite part about the program 

Ben: The best part about being out here has been the network growth, I have met so many people with truly inspiring histories From inspiring CEOs who have grown multiple companies to new startup founders that have quit there safe job to chase a passion project.

Rachel: My favorite part about the program is the fact that we are working most of the time we are out here. A lot of study abroad and study away experiences are all about classes and projects, but we all have the opportunity to get training in a field that can be difficult to break into at times. We gain skills and knowledge about what we really enjoy doing and also what aren’t so keen on continuing to do. It has opened my eyes to new careers I didn’t know existed.


How has the study away experience changed you so far?

Ben: It has given me a fresh look at the business world. Before coming I only knew the corporate side. Now I have had a chance to experience the small startups and see what life is like for new and upcoming companies.

Rachel: After hearing advice every Friday at our company visits and getting unique work experience, knowing that I will be prepared for what my professional life throws at me has made me feel more confident. When I apply to jobs in the future I know what to look for and what is a red flag. I know that I am more comfortable in a smaller company where I can have many roles rather than a large company where I only focus on one job. The confidence and experience I have gained as a result of SFDI is more valuable than any class I could have taken at Miami this semester.


Catch us next week as we continue to travel around the world to feature the amazing opportunities that Miami students are taking!


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