Ring in the Lunar New Year at Miami

3 photos side by side of the musicians performing at the lunar new year gala

By Rachel Berry

The Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and with it comes Miami’s annual Lunar New Year Gala. This event will feature Genie the famous Chinese popstar, Genie Chuo, and world-renowned instrumentalists Yazhi Guo and Jinshan (Alatengwula). 

Genie Chuo

Genie Chuo has released more than six albums including: Play n Fun 1+1, Oxygen Of Happiness, Super No.1 etc.

Yazhi Guo

Guo is known as one of the best suona players in China. He attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He received the Pro Musicis award in 1998 in New York and performed for President Clinton during his first visit to China that same year. In 1999 Guo was appointed head suona of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra. He also taught at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and acted as the first director of the Hong Kong Suona Association. 

Jinshan Alatengwula

Alatengwula plays the matouqin(马头琴), a Chinese instrument that looks like a small cello. He studied at the Arts School of Ulanhot before joining the Chifeng Ethnic Song and Dance Ensemble in 1997. He has been invited to play all over the world and has performed for movies and television as well. 

In addition to these three special guests, Miami students will also take the stage with performances by some of the Confucius Institute's student clubs


The gala will be held on Saturday, Feb. 16 from 7-9 p.m. in Hall Auditorium. It is a collaboration between the Confucius Institute, the Chinese American Cultural Association and the Performing Arts Series. 

A free ticket will be needed to reserve your seat. Tickets are available from the Box Office, which is located in room 34 of the Campus Avenue Building. 

Preview Music on Youtube before the Event

Genie Chuo is a famous Taiwanese singer.


Listen to one of her famous songs