Reflecting on 18 of the last 9: Global Impact

award participants pose with their awards

By Megan Schulte, Communications Specialist 

In both October of 2017 and 2018, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview distinguished, recent alumni from Miami, and learn how their lives were shaped by their international experiences. Now, I feel honored to share their stories with everyone. I hope they inspire you not only to study abroad, but to follow both your personal and professional dreams. 

To make this series happen, a small team from Global Initiatives interviewed seven of the 18 of last 9 honorees, all that studied abroad and/or had international experiences. Each participant reflected on a series of topics, describing their unique experiences.

This year’s interviewees may come from a diverse set of backgrounds and careers, but they all have one thing in common: their time abroad was instrumental in shaping their post-grad lives. From helping rewrite Tanzanian Code of Ethics to speaking at international gaming conferences, these individuals are not only being impacted by their global experiences, but they are impacting the world.

Follow along with the 18 of Last 9: Global Impact news article series online over the next few months. As this is my second year interviewing such alumni, there is also a news series from last year that features six more incredibly talented and motivated individuls. I hope you'll take a look!