Confucius Institute spring courses come to an end

Miami staff and faculty in Chinese Language class, they  are giving a presentation.

By Rachel Berry

As the semester wraps up, so do the Confucius Institute’s various courses focused on Chinese language and culture. These include conversational Chinese for faculty and staff, entry-level Chinese for students, and tai chi.

This semester the Confucius Institute again offered Conversational Chinese levels one and two for faculty and staff on Miami University’s campus. The first course taught the basics of the Chinese language, while the second one built upon what participants learned previously.

Those in the classes learned basic Chinese with the goal of being able to hold a conversation in the language. International students and Confucius Institute staff assisted and helped participants practice their speaking skills.

The Confucius Institute also offers Chinese for Miami students on the Hamilton campus. This semester, Confucius Institute staff member, Lan Li, taught Chinese 102, the second course for students interested in learning the language.

Staff gives a presentation in Chinese.
American students are doing taichi.

Students interested in Chinese culture had the opportunity to participate in Kinesiology 120T, which focused on Tai chi. Tai chi is a Chinese martial art based on defensive strategy in addition to meditation and health benefits.

At the end of the semester, the students in the course took a level test, which is the international tai chi certification test. They all passed and received certificates from the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

The Confucius Institute would like to thank participants in all of these courses and the instructors for another great semester. These courses will all be offered again in the fall, and registration is now open.

Register this Fall Semester

The Confucius Institute at Miami University offers free conversational Chinese classes (10-week course) to employees each semester. The class is divided into two levels. Level 1 is for beginnings, and Level 2 is for staff/faculty who have a Chinese learning background.

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