Beyond the Chateau Walls-MUDEC Student Interns at Largest Brewery in Luxembourg


By Andy Adams, MUDEC Coordinator for Communication and Student Engagement

Henry Newell finished his sophomore year as a member of MUDEC Spring 2019. He wasn't done with Luxembourg, though, and decided to stay for the summer for an internship. Henry is an Economics major with an Entrepreneurship co-major. We asked Henry some questions about life as a business student at MUDEC.

Q: What business related classes did you take at MUDEC this past semester?

A: This past semester I took a Macroeconomics course as well as an International Sustainability in Business course.Henry Newell headshot

Q: What have been some of the most significant business related experiences you had last semester?

A: Through my commerce class I was able to visit a Luxembourgish investment group specifically focused on funding environmentally and financially sustainable startups. It was incredibly interesting to have this experience as a young entrepreneur who wants to one day improve the sustainability of larger corporations throughout the world.

Q: How has studying in Luxembourg changed your perspective of the business world?

A: Studying in Luxembourg showed me how trends in the US are spreading or have already spread worldwide. Business is conducted in much of the same manner, though there are peculiar details and formalities that definitely differ. I was lucky enough to have an independent study during the semester with City Savvy, a popular digital magazine throughout Luxembourg and Europe, and it allowed me to gain a perspective as to how fast the business world moves in Luxembourg and how competitive it truly is.

Q: What advantages do you see for business students studying in Luxembourg for the semester?

A: I see the advantage of perspective. Students truly have an opportunity to see how different decorum is throughout the business world, especially while traveling to different countries each week. Through my study tour in Prague I was able to learn specific details of how different a growing country like the Czech Republic views the world and enacts international policies to be self sustainable.

Q: Tell us about your internship for the summer!

A: This summer I am lucky enough to have an internship with Bofferding, the largest brewery in Luxembourg! I am incredibly excited to be working with the marketing and sales departments in order to gain a better perspective as to how a massive brewery interacts and sells to the rest of Europe. I believe after this internship is over, MUDEC will have helped me become a truly independent and growing student ready to confront the business world at graduation.