Beyond the Chateau Walls: Isabella Tersigni and European Capital Partners

by Hannah Straub, Junior Editor MUDEC Méinden Newsletter

At MUDEC, students have the whole world at their fingertips. Bringing their expertise in a certain field to the global community helps them to grow as individuals and as young professionals. In Isabella Tersigni’s case, she can bring her business and finance knowledge to the global market through her internship with European Capital Partners

Isabella Tersigni

As a Finance major in the Farmer School of Business and President of Women in Business at Miami, Tersigni was hesitant to come to MUDEC in the first place. Fortunately, the motivation from her family encouraged her to give it a try. 
“My sister, my brother, and his wife all attended the MUDEC program and told me it was life changing! I was told I had to come here and I am so grateful I did,” Tersigni says. 
Tersigni has been spending her semester interning for European Capital Partners, a Luxembourgish asset management firm with a focus on a value investment strategy.  Value investing is when you look at a company holistically before you invest. They look for undervalued companies with good fundamentals and long-term growth opportunities. 
“I like ECP because finance careers are most interesting to me when they are in a highly entrepreneurial setting. I also have an interest in corporate finance, so they have taught me a lot about their equity research approach. Andy Adams connected me with ECP and I am so glad,” Tersigni adds. 
As a Business Development intern, Tersigni works on the ECP website, LinkedIn, researches potential clients, and works on projects to improve current client relationships. 
“I have attended multiple conferences, and I get to sit in on equity research meetings to learn more about valuing companies. I really enjoy the people and the work. The only challenge was the commute to Kirchberg, which is an hour and a half away from Differdange,” Tersigni says. 
With her internship in the city and experience at MUDEC, Tersigni has become deeply passionate about diversity, culture, and travel this semester. She has become deeply connected with the experiential learning she’s had this semester.
When asked what advice she would give to students thinking about coming to Luxembourg, she says: 
“Don’t worry about studying abroad and just go for it! In Luxembourg, you are able to maximize your own personal potential by attending class, interning, and going to a new country every weekend. I strongly recommend it all!”

Isabella was also a guest on Professor Anthony Smith-Meyer's MGT 291 podcast.