Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Meet an International Student from Taiwan

Rainbow over Farmer School of Business

By Fatimata Ndiaye & Halie Best

In this week's Where in the World is Miami Wednesday, we meet Huihsia Lu, a junior international student from Taiwan. She's majoring in Marketing at the Farmer School of Business.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Huihsia Lu, I also go by Amy, I am from Taiwan & Chongqing. I am currently a junior studying marketing at Farmer School of Business. I love traveling and meeting new people from different countries!

How did you get to know about Miami University and what made you choose it?

I actually got to know Miami from my friend’s friend. And I did research about Miami by myself and went to the study-abroad agency asked their advice. Finally I got attracted by Miami’s reputation and Miami spirit, and then here I am!

What has been your most memorable experience (s) at Miami University?

I would say the most memorable experience at Miami is meeting a lot of amazing people from different countries and becoming friends with them.

What has been the biggest difference between your home country and the U.S.?

The biggest difference between my home country and the US would be CULTURAL difference! But I really like to learn new cultures and I enjoy myself learning and being independent here in a different country!

What has been the biggest similarity between your home country and the U.S.?

The biggest similarity would be hard working is the same important valued in both places. In my home country, it is really important to work hard to get what you want to achieve, in the same, in the USA, especially at Miami University, we need to work really hard to get good grades and be successful at school.

What organizations are you involved with on campus, and why?

Huihsia Lu and friendsI am currently the president of TSA, which is Taiwanese Student Association. TSA is a non-political student organization fostering professional growth and raising cultural awareness at Miami University. Our main purpose is to help Taiwanese students to be successful and make more connections with other students at Miami. And I’m also a member in CABO, China America Business Organization. I think CABO is an interesting and helpful organization because it’s like a bridge between Chinese students and American students, it not just gives us opportunities to work with other business professionals, but also creates friendships.

What does Love & Honor mean to you?

Love & Honor is always like a faith to me. It reminds me how Miami is surrounded by loving people, and I would never forget Love & Honor even though I graduated from Miami, I will always be proud to be a Miamian!

What do you like to do for fun?

I like to go out with friends on weekends, try new food, and travel around!

What is your favorite place to eat on campus?

I am actually a big fan of Asian food, I love Chinese dishes the most, and there are a lot of great Chinese restaurants in oxford uptown, I love to go all the time!

How has Miami’s focus on a liberal arts-based education helped you?

It helps me learn useful knowledge from different professional backgrounds, and I really enjoy them because that is how I feel every college student should be learning at a university. And it helps me become a more competitive candidate in the future as well.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering pursuing their education at Miami University?

Make mistakes! Make new friends! Make your best college life here at Miami!


Catch us next week as we continue to travel around the world to feature the amazing opportunities that Miami students are taking and the experiences our alumni have had since graduating!

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