Beyond the Chateau Walls Company Profile: Talkwalker

Mathieu Van Roy is HR Manager at Talkwalker. He tells us more about Talkwalker’s business and their participation in the Luxembourg Digital Innovation program below.

Tell us about Talkwalker.

Talkwalker delivers the social insights that help brands build growth. In a world full of conversations, the most successful global brands have switched to Talkwalker because we provide them with a powerful software platform to uncover, understand and derive the most valuable insights from social, online and conversational data. Our listening and analytics tool enables more than 2.000 companies worldwide to protect their brands, measure their impact and gain the key consumer insights that drive purchase decisions.

With offices in Luxembourg, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Frankfurt and Paris, Talkwalker’s 350 dedicated employees are global and local partners in all major time zones and regions.

How did you decide to take an intern from MUDEC and in what area did your intern work?

We decided to take an intern from the Luxembourg Digital Innovation program because as a global business, it is important for Talkwalker to source talent globally. We also think that if the collaboration is successful, that it might open up permanent employment opportunities in our global offices for interns who have been successful in our home office in Luxembourg. We are still looking to recruit 50+ people by the end of the year!

Although COVID-19 cut the semester short, how did taking an intern help your business and what would you say to other companies that might be interested in the program?

We hosted Thu Truong and this is what her line manager said: “I had the chance to host Thu for a design internship in the first half of 2020. During that time, she helped with the day-to-day work of the Talkwalker design team (document design, creation of campaign visual assets, etc.), and contributed to our ongoing rebranding process. I was happy with Thu's work and dedication during her internship, and recommend her to others looking for a talented designer in the making.

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