8 Benefits of Semester Study Abroad through Co-Sponsored and Exchange Programs

Passport, pen, and notebook on top of a world mapWhat kind of education abroad experience are you looking for? Who do you want to study abroad with? What courses would you like to take? If you're looking for a program that offers you an immersive cultural experience, consider co-sponsored or exchange programs:

Co-Sponsored programs use in-country providers to host Miami students abroad. These organizations tend to provide American-style support services, arrange housing, and facilitate course offerings and registration. In most cases, they will also arrange excursions, international health insurance, and cultural events.

In Exchange programs, Miami students exchange places with a student from another country, who will come to Miami when the Miami student goes abroad. Miami students are typically in the classroom alongside students from that country's university and will earn transfer credit that can apply to Miami degree requirements.

Here are eight benefits offered by Co-Sponsored and Exchange Programs.

1. Choose from a variety of locations

Miami’s Co-Sponsored and Exchange offerings provide you with the opportunity to study in a diverse set of locations. Find yourself exploring Italian architecture in Florence, developing your Spanish language skills in Seville, enrolling in classes with Scottish students or marveling at the history and Czech culture in Prague. Looking outside of Europe? Take advantage of unique opportunities around the world. We have new Co-Sponsored locations in Morocco or Australia and exciting exchanges in Asia or Latin America. Have a specific region in mind? We likely have a location available via our Co-Sponsored or Exchange options!

2. Study a wide range of topics

Each Co-Sponsored and Exchange program offers a broad range of courses. At all locations you will find courses taught in English available in your major or minor. You will find options related to the arts, history, sciences, mathematics, political science, business, psychology, communications, design, international studies and many more. Some programs will be a better academic choice than others. The right location is waiting for you.

3. Explore Internships and community involvement opportunities

Depending on which program you pursue, there will be a variety of internships and opportunities to get involved with your host community. Gain internship experiences in Prague, Czech Republic or engage in community development, education or human rights organizations in Meknes, Morocco. Whatever your professional interest, you will find that Miami’s Co-Sponsored or Exchange programs have something to offer.

4. Engage with unique educational styles and environments

By studying on a Co-Sponsored or Exchange program you will enroll in classes outside of Miami. You will experience what it is like to enroll at a university abroad and take courses with other international students, perhaps from all over the world! Class dynamics, teaching methods, course structure, and campus culture may be different than what you’re used to- preparing you to be a flexible learner in our complex world.

5. Utilize Miami scholarships and other financial aid to fund your program.

Co-Sponsored and Exchange programs are billed through your Miami Tuition along with a program fee that covers housing and other program support. You can use most Miami scholarships (as well as other financial aid) towards paying for your program. This may vary based on your type of funding; be sure to check with an Education Abroad Advisor or Financial Aid advisor to discuss how your financial aid will work for your program.

6. Feel supported by staff in Oxford and staff abroad

On a Miami Co-Sponsored or an Exchange program you will be working with not only Miami advising staff, but also staff from your partner program and onsite staff. This means you have not only Miami advising resources before you leave, but your program provider and host university are also available as you prepare for your experience. Support will also be on hand once onsite and when you return from your experience. This extensive student support is balanced and available for all but we also respect the needs of the more independent-minded student.

7. Experience a world beyond Miami

Although these opportunities are brought to you by Miami, your program will be facilitated by a third-party study abroad program and/or a host university abroad. This means that not only will you be studying outside of Miami, but you will also be studying with students from all over the United States and other parts of the world.

8. Return to Oxford with an expanded worldview

Miami’s unique Co-Sponsored and Exchange opportunities are a great way to see the world through an academic lens. Don't miss the chance to enhance your intercultural understanding, language skills, and global networking through education abroad. Taking your academic career beyond Oxford is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that we look forward to helping you explore.

Interested in exploring which Co-Sponsored or Exchange opportunity is best for you? Visit our website for Co-Sponsored and Exchange programs or connect with an Education Abroad advisor today!