9 Summer Programs Abroad and Away

1. Health in The Gambia

Location: The Gambia

view of a city in the GambiaExpand your understanding of global health by observing how medical professionals provide health care in The Gambia and experiencing the local culture first-hand.

2. Literary London

Locations: London, Oxford, York, UK

Big Ben, the Thames, and surrounding structuresLondon is the classroom for 6 weeks as students dive into the life of a true Londoner by interning, studying English literature, and visiting cultural sites, theaters, museums, and special exhibitions.

3. Intensive Japanese Language

Location: Tokyo, Japan

City of Tokyo at nightWhile immersed in the vibrant city of Tokyo, this program prepares students academically and culturally for a future in the Japanese-speaking world!

4. Knowledge and Ethics in Italy

Location: Calabria, Italy

Italian village and coastlineApply fundamental practices of knowledge representation to the culture of Southern Italy in this unique, four-week program. Students will gain a deeper understanding of ethics in information technology from a global perspective.

5. Math in Europe

Locations: London, UK and Dublin, Ireland

Sunset view of river, town, and bridge in DublinThis program enriches Mathematics studies as students engage a global perspective in Dublin and London. Students learn about connections of Mathematics to history and culture while exploring where famous mathematicians made their monumental discoveries!

6. Tropical Marine Ecology

Locations: Key Largo, FL and San Salvador, Bahamas

underwater scene of fish and plant life, with scuba diver in backgroundSnorkel right into the beautiful marine ecosystems of the Florida Keys and the Bahamas in this program where students learn by spending every day in the water.

7. Immersion Spanish (Intermediate Level)

Locations: Heredia, Costa Rica

Waterfall and lush mountainsides in Costa RicaSpend your summer living like a local and expanding your Spanish language skills in Costa Rica! This program allows students to live with a host family and volunteer in the local community in the heart of the country.

8. Engineering in Europe

Locations: Vienna, Austria; Munich, Germany; Bratislava, Slovakia

Munich BMW plantExperience first-hand German and Austrian engineering thermodynamics and fluid mechanics with visits to BMW, Volkswagen, the Freudenau Donau hydropower plant, and more!

9. Paris: Cultural Capital

Eiffel Tower seen from the riverMasterpieces of French and American culture come to life by following in the footsteps of Hemingway, exploring the grandeur of Versailles, and experiencing other adventures in the City of Lights.