'Find Your Place Quest' a New Twist on the Education Abroad Fair

Students in the 'Life at Altitude' program walk toward distant mountains

When Global Initiatives staff realized that they had to postpone their customary face-to-face Education Abroad Fair from fall to spring because of the pandemic, they wanted to come up with a fun and creative virtual alternative. They wanted to let everyone know that the world is starting to open back up, and study abroad is becoming feasible for more people. And instead of a single day in-person event, how about spreading it out across the entire semester?

To put it another way, it's all about a journey to "Find Your Place." 

Find Your Place Quest: Discover and Impact the World

According to Global Programs Coordinator Annalee Jones, the idea behind the Find Your Place Quest is to share information within the framework of a game. The concept flowed from a team discussion of Dungeons & Dragons, the popular role-playing game that allows each player to create their own character to undertake adventures within a fantasy setting. Together the characters solve problems, explore their surroundings, and gather treasure and knowledge. 

Jones compared the game's setup to the journey students undertake when preparing to study abroad. "A lot goes into the decision to get a global education. We want to acknowledge all the different steps, from setting goals and then taking action to make the goals come to fruition," she said. 

And within that journey, a personal transformation occurs. "A quest is all about purpose and discovery, and so is education abroad," said Jones. "When you're getting a global education, you're not only learning about the world, but also impacting it. Your goal might be to make the world a better place or to engage in self-improvement. Those skills and that knowledge will inform your future, your career, and the actions you take both at home and abroad."

Kevin Fitzgerald, Study Abroad Advisor, noted that the Find Your Place Quest is also similar to the  "Choose Your Own Adventure" series. "Students will fill out a 'character sheet' to determine the best program for them, but then they can build their skills throughout the semester in any order they wish," he said. Opportunities will include student panels, financing workshops, and presentations from study abroad/away and virtual programs.

The crown jewel of the Quest will be a week-long virtual education abroad fair from March 1-5. Students will be able to chat with advisors, hear from faculty who are leading programs this summer and winter, and receive advice from panels of students who have previously studied abroad.

A full schedule of events is coming soon. Visit and get ready to join the Education Abroad Office this semester on a quest to discover and impact the world. Where will you find your place?

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