Certificate FAQ's

Application & Admission FAQ's

How do I apply to a Graduate Certificate as a ...

Prospective Certificate student

Complete the Graduate School online application and on page 1 indicate interest in pursuing a Certificate.

Prospective Degree seeking student

Complete the online Graduate School application and on page 1 indicate interest in a degree (Master's, Doctoral) program. After admission and confirmation, complete the Certificate Form indicating the Certificate of interest. 

Current Degree seeking student

Complete the Certificate Form located on the Certificate Website.

Current Non-degree or continuing graduate status (CGS) student

Complete the Graduate School online application and on page 1 indicate interest in pursuing a Certificate. 

Current Certificate student

Complete the Certificate Form located on the Certificate website to apply to a different certificate.

Current Miami Combined Bachelor/Master's degree student

A combined degree student who has Graduate Status (see question below) can complete the Certificate Form to apply to a Certificate.

As a Combined Bachelor/Master's degree student, how do I request/obtain Graduate Student Status? 

After completing all of the undergraduate requirements, including the minimum credit hours, a combined degree student can request Graduate Status by sending an email to the Graduate School at ApplyGrad@miamioh.edu

Can an international student who requires an F-1 or J-1 visa from Miami University be admitted to a Graduate Certificate program only?

Due to the nature of our certificate programs, Miami University cannot support an F-1 or J-1 visa for an international student applying for a Graduate Certificate program only. International students who require an F-1 or J-1 visa must apply to a graduate degree program and enroll as a full-time student. A Certificate may be earned in addition to a graduate degree. 

Can a student apply to more than one Graduate Certificate?

Yes. Once admitted and enrolled in a Graduate Certificate or a graduate degree program, submit a Certificate Form to apply to an additional certificate. 

Can I apply to a certificate after I start a degree program?

Yes. As a matriculated degree student, you must submit the Certificate Form to apply to a Certificate.

Are endorsements, licensure, and certificates the same thing?

No. An Endorsement and licensure are not the same thing as a Graduate Certificate. For more information about licensure information, visit the Licensure website.

Current Certificate Students FAQ's

What is the tuition for a Graduate Certificate?

For information about tuition rates, visit the One Stop Website. Students who are only completing a graduate certificate are not eligible for financial aid. 

Some certificates (e.g., Advanced Studio Art, College Teaching) require students to submit materials beyond coursework prior to completion. How do I submit these materials so that I can earn the certificate?

Contact the Certificate Director to submit required materials.

How long do I have to complete a certificate?

Students must complete the coursework and earn the Graduate Certificate within five (5) years. This limit applies to full and part-time Certificate students. (See Graduate Handbook Section 4.3A) 

How many credit hours taken as a CGS/non-degree student can be applied to a Certificate? 

Students may apply up to 4 credit hours taken before being admitted to a Graduate Certificate. See Graduate Handbook Section 1.1.E.

How many courses taken as a degree student can also count towards a Certificate?

Once admitted to the Certificate, all classes taken as a degree student can also count toward a graduate certificate. 

How do I withdraw from a Certificate program?

A student withdraws from the university or drops a program. To drop a certificate or a program, complete a Change of Major Form. To withdraw from the university, complete a Withdrawal Form. Both forms can be found on the Graduate School Student Resources webpage.

Will I have a DAR (Degree Audit Report) for the Certificate?

Yes. Once a student is admitted to a Certificate, the Certificate will be added to the student's DAR to track certificate requirements. 

Can I complete a Certificate after I complete and earn a graduate degree?

Yes. Once enrolled in a degree and a certificate, a student can earn one and continue to complete the other.

Can I complete my Certificate before I complete my degree program?

Yes, once courses are complete for the certificate or the graduate degree program, the student applies for graduation. The Banner record remains for the remaining program or a certificate. 

Graduation FAQ's

How much is the Certificate graduation fee and when do I pay it?

Once the Certificate requirements are complete, the student must apply for graduation and pay the required $10 Certificate graduation fee. 

If I complete a degree program and certificate, what is the graduation fee?

A student will pay the $10 Certificate graduation fee and the $35 Master's degree graduation fee (or the $200 doctoral degree graduation fee), if applicable.

Once the requirements are met, will I receive a printed certificate when I graduate?

Yes. Once your Graduate Certificate requirements are fulfilled and graduation is confirmed, a printed certificate is mailed to the student.

Will my completed Graduate Certificate be noted on my official Miami transcript?

Yes. Once a student is awarded a Graduate Certificate, it is listed on the top of the official transcript.