Frequently Asked Questions

The following information pertains to all current graduate students.

When do I get my summer scholarship?

If you qualify, you will receive a $900 payment (one-semester assistantship) or $1800 (two-semester assistantship) on or before June 30th. Contact your department to determine if you are eligible to receive the summer scholarship. You must be registered for no less than three (3) graduate credit hours no later than three (3) weeks prior to the start of summer semester. The summer scholarship is for graduate award holders (graduate assistants).

What do I have to do to receive the summer scholarship? 

Contact your academic advisor or your department's graduate program director or chair to determine what you must do to qualify. For more information concerning the summer scholarship, see the Miami University Policy Library.

I am supposed to graduate this semester.  What do I do? 

First, check with your academic advisor to make sure you are going to meet all requirements for graduation. If you will be able to graduate at the end of the semester, contact One Stop for Student Success for deadlines to apply for commencement, your responsibilities, fees, etc. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call the Graduate School at 513-529-3734 or email us at

Where do I get current information on graduate activities?

Check with the Graduate Student Association (GSA). You can find them on MyMiami in your Canvas site. Or you can email for more information. 

I have a question about my assistantship. Whom do I speak with?

It depends on your question. If you have a question about payments or benefits, contact Academic Personnel at 513-529-6724. Most other questions can be directed to the Graduate School.

What is a "format check"? 

Before you can upload your thesis or dissertation to OhioLINK, you must have the format of your manuscript checked to be sure it conforms to the Graduate School's requirements

When you believe your document has been formatted correctly, email it to to begin the format check process. You must be aware of the format check and OhioLink deadlines outlined on the Steps to Graduation Important Deadlines and Dates tab.

I need to file a petition. What do I do?

First, contact your graduate program director to determine if a petition is the way to solve your problem. If it is, you will then need to complete the petition form. After you complete the petition, it will be forwarded to your instructor or graduate program director who will process it through the department and send it to the Graduate School. Graduate Council cannot consider the petition if it comes directly from you. It must come from your department chair, divisional dean, or your graduate program director, and it must be completed in full including your unique ID and email address.

I am presenting at a conference. Is there any monetary help from the Graduate School for my travel expenses?

Yes, you may apply to the Graduate School/GSA Travel Fund (currently pending updates). There is ongoing funding each year. You must be certain that the application is completed in full, and must contain proof of your paper/panel/poster presentation. Incomplete applications will not be considered for funding. 

I have some expenses related to my research for my thesis/dissertation. Is there any funding from the Graduate School?

Yes, you can apply to the Thesis and Dissertation Research Support Fund. To request information on this award, please email the

Is there a listing of all awards and scholarships that are available to graduate students?

Visit the Funding and Awards webpage for information about funding opportunities from the Graduate School, GSA awards, and scholarships through individual departments.