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Some forms are not currently available because they are under revision. Please contact the Graduate School at if the form you need is not available on this page.

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Instructions On Using Graduate School Forms

Submitting Non-Qualtrics Forms

The following GS Forms are available on the Graduate Directors’ Canvas site and should be prepared by the Graduate Director, Major Advisor, or administrative assistant:

  • D-2 Results of Comprehensive Examination for the Doctoral Degree and Application for Candidacy
  • D-4 Results of Final Examination for the Doctoral Degree
  • M-1 Results of Final Examination for the Master's Degree

To submit:

  1. Download the form from the Graduate Directors’ Canvas site.

  2. Complete the form.  Mac users need to have the latest operating system to use the form.

  3. Print the form.

  4. The form should be taken to the committee meeting and signed by the appropriate committee members.

Submitting Qualtrics Forms

The person completing the form is required to know the name and email address of the Department Chair or Graduate Director (or his/her designee) and enter that information into the form.  For GS Forms G-6 and G-7, the individual also needs to know the appropriate division in the review process.

  1. Go to the Graduate School website; click on Governance and Guidelines and then Forms & Publications.

  2. Select the desired form.  The form will open in Qualtrics.

  3. Complete the form and provide all required information.

  4. Submit the form by clicking the submit button at the bottom of the form.  Once the form is submitted, no changes can be made to the form.  

  5. If you make a mistake, contact the Graduate School.  Your form can be "re-launched" for corrections if needed.

Submission and Review Process

  1. Upon submitting the form, an email containing all information submitted is sent to the person submitting the form.

  2. Upon submitting the form, an email containing all information submitted is sent to the Department Chair (based on the information entered into the form) with a message explaining the review process for the form.

  3. The Chair clicks “Reply”, provides his or her decision, comments, or other required information, and “Sends” the email.

  4. An email containing all information is sent to the Graduate School at

  5. The Graduate School reviews and processes the form, and notifies the appropriate parties of the decision.

Forms Requiring Division Review

Divisions review the following Graduate Forms:

  • G-1 Graduate Student Petition to Graduate Council (College of Education, Health & Society only)

  • G-6 Graduate Certificate Completion

  • G-7 Graduate Faculty Nomination: Level A