Members of Graduate Council


Michael Crowder, Dean of the Graduate School


Shannon Speed, Assistant to the Dean and Manager of Graduate Student Services

Ex Officio:

Rose Marie Ward, Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Carol Jones, Office of the Registrar
Kristen Budd, Special Consultant to the Graduate School Dean

College of Arts and Science

Reza Akhtar, Department of Mathematics
Stefanie Dunning, Department of English
Wietse de Boer, Department of History
Margaret Luongo, Department of English
Richard Moore, Department of Biology
Jonathan Strauss, Department of French
Michael Vanni, Department of Biology

College of Education, Health & Society

Jason Abbitt, Department of Educational Psychology
Robin Vealey, Department of Kinesiology & Health

Farmer School of Business

Timothy Holcomb, Farmer School of Business

College of Creative Arts

Mary Rogero, Department of Architecture

College of Engineering & Computing

Andrew Sommers, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

College of Liberal Arts & Applied Science

Alan Cady, Department of Biology and Biological Sciences

Graduate Student Members

Leah Janssen, Gerontology
Kurt Johnson, Educational Leadership

Graduate Council Sub-Committees

Petitions Committee

Robin Vealey (Chair), Gulen Cevik (ARC), Chi-Hao Cheng (CEC), Liz Kiel (PSY), Trace Poll (SPA), and Sarah Watt (EDP)

GSSA Committee

Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Theresa Conover (CJS),  Ben Jacks (ARC), Amanda McVety (HST), Kumar Singh (MME),  Carrie Tyler (GLG), Jennifer Thach (GS)

Graduate Achievement Fund Committee

Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Kevin Ballard (KNH), Kristen Budd (SOC), Doug Coffin (CPB), Louis DeBiasio (MTH), John Humphries (ARC), Dominik Konkolewicz (CHM), Aaron Luebbe (PSY), AJ Olszewski (SPA)

Financial Assistance Committee

Rose Marie Ward (Chair), Mary Ben Boham (ARC), Darrel Davis (EDP), Tammy Kernoddle (MUS), Kelly Knollman-Porter (SPA), Aaron Shield (SPA), Lou Haines (MPF), Christie Keller (GIA)