New Faculty Research Community

Finding your path and advancing your career

The New Faculty Research Community (NFRC) provides an opportunity for all full-time tenure-track faculty in their first or second years at Miami to engage in a fall/winter term series of seminars, workshops, and activities about research and building a research network. The program is designed to enhance research skills, support, and knowledge about resources. This group will form a community of new-faculty research scholars. Throughout the program, there will be a seminar every two or three weeks. Presentation times will vary to provide opportunities for all to attend some sessions. Some sessions are specifically designated for NFRC members, and you are especially encouraged to come to those because they provide an opportunity to meet other new faculty - something that our participants say is one of the best aspects of the program. Details about the NFRC sessions are below. 

Participation Requirements

Attendance in 8 seminars chosen from any of the following sources:

  • Events offered by the NFRC Program
  • Tenure and Promotion Panel and Luncheon
  • Events listed on the Center for Teaching Excellence calendar
  • King Library in Oxford holds relevant workshops
  • Howe Center for Writing Excellence offers writing workshops
  • OARS offers relevant workshops

Participants will produce a research project as an outcome of their participation in NFRC. 

In order to receive credit, you must attend and write reflective statements on at least 8 research-related sessions, write a short summary response to the program, and complete (and, if possible share with the group) an acceptable research project (e.g., a grant idea; outline for a paper). Upon completion of the program, members will receive access to $400 professional expenses (to be spent by June 1) and a certificate acknowledging their participation. 

Applications are due September 1st.

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