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Response, Not Review: Impressions from Facilitating Effective Peer Response
How do faculty in disciplines outside of writing build peer response into their curriculum and course design? This was the key question at hand during “Facilitating Effective Peer Response,” the first workshop of the Fall 2022 semester hosted by the Roger & Joyce Howe Center for Writing Excellence.
Howe Center Receives Three National Awards for Outstanding Writing Scholarship and Program Development
The Roger & Joyce Howe Center for Writing Excellence has earned three national awards in 2022 for outstanding writing scholarship and program development.
Miami engineers, multi-institutional teams launch $2M national security projects funded by state
With more than $2 million in funding from the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN), Miami University College of Engineering and Computer Science (CEC) faculty and their multi-institutional teams are launching two new projects to advance science and technology innovation to support U.S. national security initiatives.
Ask the expert: Social media-spurred challenges and destructive behaviors
A rise in destructive student behaviors encouraged by social media trends on platforms such as TikTok are occurring in many school districts. Miami University College of Education, Health and Society educational leadership faculty and experts are available to help schools address these and related issues.
Miami's plant scientists use the glowing properties of plant cells to turn a problem into a benefit for plant microscopy
Scanning microscope images showing a comparison of different fixative treatments among different taxa. Top, left to right: Sea lettuce, green algae and liverwort. Bottom, left to right:  Spikemoss, white pine needle and soybean leaf cross sections. A major insight was using something most people consider a problem in plant microscopy - autofluorescence - to our advantage, the scientists said. Stunning images are created in the process.
Two Miami doctoral students, two 2021 alumni receive NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Left to right: Lexie Adams (Miami '21) and biology doctoral students  Keaka Farleigh  and Katie Stahlhut received the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.Miami University doctoral students Keaka Farleigh and Katherine Stahlhut, and 2021 graduates Lexie Adams and William Carson, have been awarded fellowships from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program .
Alicia Knoedler, vice president for research and innovation, selected to lead NSF Office of Integrative Activities
Alicia Knoedler, vice president for research and innovation, selected to lead NSF Office of Integrative Activities. Michael Crowder, Dean of the Graduate School, will serve as interim.
Xin Wang receives NSF CAREER grant for photosynthesis redesign research
Xin Wang, assistant professor of microbiology, and his lab group. Left to right: Shrameeta Shinde, doctoral student; Danielle Wilcox, senior public health major and premedical studies co-major; Wang; Steve Yu, senior microbiology major; doctoral student Shaun Jiang; and master's student Malory Wolfe.Wang was awarded more than $895,000 for five years for his research on photosynthesis improvement, using a photosynthetic cyanobacterium (blue-green algae) as a model system.
Headline Highlights: Miami and Miamians in the news in June
Our editors' picks for June provide a snapshot of recent news media coverage of Miamians in the news.