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STEAM-powered and DIY: Mixing art, neurobiology and renovations in Pearson Hall
Amanda Rainey (Miami '13), graduate student in neurobiology with adviser Dawn Blitz, poses with her artwork, a (much) larger-than-life depiction of her research.Like in the 1966 science fiction film “Fantastic Voyage,” passersby can view a larger-than-life painting of the inner world of neurons. You can visualize, on a giant scale, the central nervous system of the Jonah crab, to be more exact.
Beyond sunburn: implications of ozone, UV radiation and climate for a sustainable future
Miami University ecologist Craig Williamson is a member the UN Environmental Effects Assessment Panel. Their new report on global ozone depletion and UV radiation related to the Montreal Protocol addresses many of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.Ozone depletion in the stratosphere continues to affect not only ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels at the Earth’s surface but also climate across the southern hemisphere, an international study reports.
Miami researchers study factors affecting truck driver alertness
 Study incorporates analytical tools for modeling truck driver's safety.Fadel Megahed wants to know when a worker becomes fatigued and what’s the best way to intervene.
Rachel Ollier and Rosie Ries awarded Astronaut Scholarships
Rachel Ollier, left, and Rosie Ries are 2019 Astronaut Scholars.Miami University seniors Rachel Ollier and Rosie Ries have been awarded scholarships from the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF).
Two Miami students named Goldwater Scholars
Juniors Rosie Ries (left) and Caleb Kozuszek are 2019-2020 Goldwater Scholars (all photos by Scott Kissell).Caleb Kozuszek and Rosie Ries have each received a Goldwater Scholarship for 2019-2020.
Three doctoral students awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Miami doctoral students (left to right) Jared Tangeman, Akanksha Das and Shelby Ortiz were awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowships. Miami University doctoral students Akanksha Das, Shelby Ortiz and Jared Tangeman have been awarded fellowships from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP).
Major Insight Ep 2: Restoring Sight to the Blind
Featured Majors: Biology, Public Health, Global Health Studies
Miami researchers to test suicide prevention tool at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Suicide rates for active duty military members continue to increase, now surpassing those of civilians.
HWC Consultants Present at Undergraduate Research Forum
Howe Writing Center consultants present on the ways everyday research shapes consultants' lives and writing center practices.