Global Miami Plan Writing Competency

The revised Global Miami Plan (GMP) embraces the competencies included in AACU’s Liberal Education & America’s Promise (LEAP) and will promote and assess the plan's signature competencies: written communication and critical thinking.

Although every GMP course will incorporate some opportunities for written communication and critical thinking, not every course in the Global Miami Plan will promote the competencies in the same way or with the same level of intensity. Courses meeting Foundation I (English Composition) and the Advanced Writing requirements, for example, will feature writing and writing instruction and thus will promote written communication more fully than may be done in other GMP courses. You can read the LEAP competencies from Liberal Education for more information.

Instructors will also promote at least two other competencies in their GMP courses, but they have the option to select those competencies that best align with the goals and outcomes of the course. On their syllabi, instructors should include a list of the competencies being promoted in each GMP course as well as a brief indication of how they will be advanced in the course.

In keeping with the requirement of the Higher Learning Commission that assessment of student learning outcomes is conducted on all general education programs, the two signature competencies of written communication and critical thinking will be formally assessed using modified versions of the AAC&U VALUE rubrics once every two years. See the Liberal Education Council for more information about the assessment.

The Howe Center for Writing Excellence can assist you with implementing and assessing the writing and critical thinking competencies in your course. If interested, please contact Director Dr. Elizabeth Wardle (, or Associate Director Dr. Ann Updike ( to set up a consultation.