Howe Writing Across the Curriculum (HWAC) workshops and events return to King Library Room 133 (The Howe Center for Writing Excellence) this Fall! All Miami faculty and graduate teaching assistants are welcome. 

Each workshop (except for the special series)  will be offered twice, with one session facilitated in-person and one facilitated online via Zoom. Please note that our plans for in-person attendance may change depending on the health and safety outlook. 

Read the session descriptions and schedule below. Register for your sessions of choice below.

Welcome Back Drop-In Hours

Please drop by the HCWE during the first week of classes to learn about our services. A member of our team will be available to share fall events, offer support for your teaching and writing. Everyone who drops by will get some HCWE swag.  

  • When: Monday, August 22, 9am—12pm and
    • Tuesday, August 23, 12pm—3pm
  • Where: King Library Room 133 (The HCWE)


Facilitating Effective Peer Response

With Will Chesher

In this workshop, participants will first learn about best practices and principles of facilitating peer response in their courses. This includes identifying different methods and types of peer response, and even the use of platforms like Eli Review and Kritik that guide students through the process. Participants will then create a peer response plan to incorporate in their fall classes.   

  • When: Thursday, August 25, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or
    • Friday, August 26, 11:40am—1pm (on Zoom)
  • Where: King Library Room 133 (The HCWE) and Zoom


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Two-Part Series on Teaching Citation Writing for Scholarly Conversation

With Mandy Olejnik and Rena Perez

In this 2-part workshop series, we will discuss teaching citation writing (and address plagiarism) through discussions of how to teach students how to critically read in your field and understand the expectations held of them as academic writers. Please plan to attend both sessions. 

Part 1 will review the importance of situating citation as scholarly conversation and discuss how students learn to cite and where common struggles are.

Then, Part 2 will invite participants to brainstorm together activities and assignments that can help students better learn not only how but why to cite in their specific course contexts. 

  • When: 
    •  Part 1: Thursday, September 8, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or
      • Friday, September 9, 11:40am—1pm (zoom)
    • Part 2:Thursday, September 22, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or
      • Friday, September 23, 11:40am—1pm (zoom)
  • Where: King Library Room 133 (The HCWE) and Zoom


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Two-Part Series on Teaching Synthesis/Literature Reviews: Reading and Writing to Create a Research Space

With Elizabeth Wardle and Lizzie Hutton

This two-part workshop will first introduce research on how to help students read in the ways people in your field/discipline expect, and then provide a heuristic for helping students take effective notes on their reading and then synthesize what they have learned in an appropriate review of what they read. Please plan to attend both sessions.

Part 1: Teaching Students to Read Effectively for Your Courses. Research tells us that faculty in different disciplines read and use texts differently, yet students usually have little to no instruction in how to read as we expect. This workshop will share some of the research about reading and provide suggestions for how to help your students read more effectively.  

Part 2: Teaching Students to Write Effective Syntheses and Literature Reviews. Once students know how to read in active and purpose-driven ways, they struggle to take notes and look for patterns and themes. This workshop will share some methods for helping students take notes on ideas and themes across multiple sources, with the goal of synthesizing multiple sources and writing a literature review.

  • When: 
    • Part 1: Teaching Students to Read Effectively for Your Courses.
      • Thursday, October 13, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or 
      • Friday, October 14, 11:40am—1pm (on Zoom) 
    • Part 2: Teaching Students to Write Effective Syntheses and Literature Reviews:
      • Thursday, October 27, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or
      • Friday, October 28, 11:40am—1pm (on Zoom)
  • Where: King Library Room 133 (The HCWE) and Zoom

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Getting on the Program: Writing Conference Proposals that Will Be Accepted

With Elizabeth Wardle

This interactive workshop will provide a heuristic for analyzing the genre of the conference proposal, ask participants to look at examples of conference proposals, and then provide time for them to draft a proposal of their own.

  • WhenThursday, November 10, 11:40am—1pm (in person) or 
    • Friday, November 11, 11:40am—1pm (on Zoom)
  • Where: King Library Room 133 (The HCWE) and Zoom 


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Telling Your Story: Crafting the Dossier Narrative as an Underrepresented Faculty Member

With Elizabeth Wardle, Darrel Davis (Educational Psychology), Jay Smart (Psychology), Amber Franklin (Speech Pathology and Audiology), Sherrill Sellers (Family Science and Social Work), Madelyn Detloff (English and GIC), Naaborle Sackeyfio (GIC), Yvette Harris (Psychology)

This interactive workshop and writing session will invite underrepresented faculty to engage in a variety of activities around the narrative of the dossier, and the special challenges that narrative presents for faculty members who are underrepresented in their departments and programs. The workshop will provide a safe space to engage in community with others facing similar challenges, walk through a series of activities to help faculty members externalize and shape a narrative about their work, and receive confidential feedback from others who are not in an evaluative or supervisory role.

  • When: Friday, January 13, 9:00am—1:30pm (in person)
  • Where: King Library Room 110 

Participants must RSVP no later than December 16.


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Faculty-Led Writing Retreat

This 3-day writing retreat will be led by Miami faculty for Miami faculty, and include opportunities to set intentions, share progress, and get feedback from others. Details and RSVP forthcoming.

  • When: Tuesday, January 17; Wednesday, January 18; Thursday, January 19, 9:00am—12:00pm (in-person and Zoom)
  • Where: King Library Room 110 and Zoom

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