Open Writing Hours

We know that writing is difficult. It's not natural, but a skill we develop across time and with practice. We also know that writing is social. For these reasons, we are glad to host open Writing Hours twice a week, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to attend

Writing Hours will happen virtually every Thursday, 12:30PM—4:00PM, and every Friday, 8:30AM—12:00PM. You can drop in when it's convenient for you and come and go as you like. Our hope is that these sessions provide that extra bit of motivation and camaraderie you need to keep your writing and research projects going.

Light green graphic with white text reading Writing Toward Wellness, Thurs, March 25 through Friday, May, 7. At right is a icon of a hand holding a budding plant.

As the final stretch of a difficult semester approaches, we want to provide you with regular time and space to pursue writing in gratifying ways. That’s why we’re hosting Writing Toward Wellness, an invitation to the entire Miami community of faculty, staff, and graduate student writers to join us for 5 virtual Writing Hours sessions between now and the end of Spring 2021. Limited, socially-distant participation is possible, too, in our King Library office. 

Write for pleasure. Write for a project. Write just for the feeling of getting words on the page. The goal is process, not necessarily progress. We're here to help you set aside a few hours each week as a practice to remind yourself that even amidst the pandemic’s personal and professional strains you are, still, a writer.

Those who join us for 5 sessions will win a Moleskine notebook and have the opportunity to be featured on our Twitter page, if they choose. You may attend Thursday afternoon (12:30PM–4:00PM) or Friday morning (8:30AM—12:00PM) sessions, but please note we’ll only count 1 visit per week toward the goal of 5. We'll keep track of your visits via a sign-in sheet. 

Here's how to participate:

  • During a Thursday afternoon or Friday morning Writing Hours session, sign in with this Google Sheet and state your goal.
  • When you've finished for the day (you need not work for the full session), return to the spreadsheet and log what you accomplished. 
  • Optionally, celebrate yourself by posting on social media! (include our tag @HCWEMiami)
  • You can also partake in a 30-minute session of "Chair Yoga for Writers," led by Tanuja Singh, at every Writing Hours session. More info below.

If you'd like to join others via video and/or chat, click on the meeting link in the Google Sheet (in the yellow highlighted cell toward the top) to start or join the meeting.

New This Spring: Chair Yoga for Writers at Every Writing Hours Session!

four stone stacked atop each otherCommit to self-care and wellness every week by practicing chair yoga for writers with local yoga teacher Tanuja Singh. Sessions will be 30 minutes and take place toward the end of virtual Writing Hours, 3:15PM to 3:45PM on Thursdays and 11:30AM to 12:00PM on Fridays.

All Miami faculty, staff, and grad students are welcome, and you don’t have to be part of the Writing Hours session to join in on chair yoga.

To attend, you must sign a waiver before your first session. Once we receive your waiver, we'll send you a recurring calendar invite for both the Thursday & Friday meetings. Join whatever sessions you'd like throughout the semester.

And if you’re not familiar with chair yoga, it’s just what it sounds like—guided motion, stretching, and breathing you won’t have to leave your desk for. Make sure you’ve got a sturdy, comfortable chair that doesn’t roll and, ideally, doesn’t have armrests either.

Here's how to participate in the Commit To A Writing Community Challenge:

Stop by Writing Hours virtually on Thursday, 1:00PM—4:30PM or Friday, 8:30AM—12:00PM. To be counted in the challenge, you need to join us in our Google Meet room, introduce yourself in the chat and state your goal or what you're working on. We encourage you to stay with us while you write (you can turn off video), though it's not required after letting us know you're here.

Join us with these simple steps: 

  • Sign in with this Google Sheet.
  • Join the Google Meet room by clicking the link in the yellow highlighted cell toward the top of the Sheet.
  • Say hello to your writing community, share your writing goal for the session (also log that in the Google Sheet), and then get writing!
  • When you've finished for the day, let everyone in the Google Meet room know what you accomplished (also log it in the Google Sheet before signing off)
  • Optionally, celebrate yourself by posting on social media! (include our tag @HCWEMiami)