Writing Hours and Retreats

We know that writing is difficult. It's not natural, but a skill we develop across time and with practice. We also know that writing is social. For these reasons, we are glad to host open Writing Hours twice a week during the semester, Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. All faculty, staff, and graduate students are invited to attend

Writing Hours will happen virtually every Thursday, 12:30PM—4:00PM, and every Friday, 8:30AM—12:00PM. You can drop in when it's convenient for you and come and go as you like. Our hope is that these sessions provide that extra bit of motivation and camaraderie you need to keep your writing and research projects going.

Here's how to participate:

  • Sign in with this Google Sheet and state your goal.
  • When you've finished for the day, return to the spreadsheet and log what you accomplished. 
  • Optionally, celebrate yourself by posting on social media! (include our tag @HCWEMiami)

If you'd like to join others via video and/or chat, click on the meeting link in the Google Sheet (in the yellow highlighted cell toward the top) to start or join the meeting.