Frequently Asked Questions

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The FAQs on this page pertain primarily to Oxford undergraduate students.

  • If you are a Hamilton, Middletown, or VOA student, please call the Regional One Stop at 513-217-4111.  
  • If you are a graduate student, please contact the Graduate Office at 513-529-3734.

If you have a general question and cannot find the answer below, please contact the Return to Campus Call Center:

Contact Information

If you have questions related to student-specific accounts or situations, please reach out to the appropriate area(s):


One Stop - 513-529-0001

COVID Testing

Healthy Together 


Campus Services Center - 513-529-5000


If you have questions regarding the information found in this document, please submit them online at

Selecting Spring 2021 Attendance Options

Who is eligible for the remote option?

Important: There are changes in the eligibility requirements for the remote credit during the spring semester, please review the frequently asked questions on this page carefully prior to making a decision.

To qualify for the remote option fee credit, your schedule must contain only courses designated as online (synchronous or asynchronous).

  • Hybrid and in-person courses do not qualify for the fee credit in the spring. Registering for one or more hybrid or in-person courses will disqualify you for the remote option and the financial credit.
    • A hybrid instructor cannot waive this requirement by individually permitting fully remote attendance.
    • A hybrid course description allowing for fully online attendance cannot waive this requirement.
  • Not every course required for your major or degree may be available online.

If you choose to remain remote, we will apply a fee credit of $1,000 for in-state students and $2,000 for out-of-state students (prorated for less than full-time enrollment). This credit acknowledges that you will not be on-campus to participate in the student experience during the spring semester. No further credit for remote or online learning will be provided.

Resources available while remote:

  • Remote tutoring, telecounseling if physically located in the state of Ohio and assistance from the Miller Center for Student Disability Services

Resources not available while remote:

  • On-campus facilities and services, including but not limited to: student employment, the Rec Center, Goggin Ice Center, all other recreation spaces, Armstrong Student Center, campus transportation (BCRTA), campus parking, campus dining plans, access to on-campus quarantine/isolation space and services.

Spring semester housing and meal plans will be removed for students who are approved for the fully-remote option; there are no additional housing forms to complete if you are in this situation. Processing of these adjustments will begin in December. If you have questions regarding housing and meal plans, you may contact the Campus Services Center at

For students living on campus, there will be no new exemptions from the residency requirement. You will receive more information in January about move-in procedures for the residence halls. Expect to see a similar plan as in September, with a staggered move in schedule over the course of a week, along with mandatory pre-entry COVID-19 testing.

How do I select the remote option? 

You will have until January 15, 2021 to confirm your attendance option by visiting You may revisit the form to edit your selection up until the deadline.

The system will not allow you to select the remote option if you are registered for any hybrid or in-person courses. (It will inform you which courses are labeled as hybrid or in-person.)

Before making changes to your schedule, consider consulting your academic advisor to discuss how your course selection may impact your progress toward completing your degree.

Is my attendance selection irrevocable?

You will have until January 15, 2021 to confirm your attendance option by visiting You may revisit the form to edit your selection up until the deadline.

Can I take the semester off? 


Your merit scholarship will remain intact, but you will need to contact the One Stop upon your return for reinstatement. Please be aware that this may also impact your tuition promise. If you have borrowed student loans, you need to be aware of exhausting grace periods. Refer to the Department of Education at for more details. 

To request time off, you must complete the online withdrawal/cancellation application, even if you are not registered for courses this spring.  Upon returning, you will need to complete a re-enrollment application

Application deadlines for re-enrollment are as follows:

  • Winter Term re-enrollment - December 1
  • Spring Semester - January 10
  • Summer Term - April 15

International students are advised to submit re-enrollment requests 3–4 months before the beginning of the term of intended enrollment to allow sufficient time for visa processing. For additional questions, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at

Frequently Asked Questions

On-Campus Life

I am a current student. If my roommate decides to enroll remotely or take the semester off, will I get another roommate? Will I be charged for a single room?

If your roommate does not return to campus housing and you want to keep your double as a single, you can contact Campus Services at and request to pay an additional fee to hold your room as a single. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting a new roommate or being relocated to a consolidated space.

Can I be remote and still live in the residence halls? 

No. First and second year students who intend to live in residence halls cannot choose the remote option. Any first or second year student taking hybrid or on-campus courses must live in a residence hall during spring semester. There will be no new exemptions from the residency requirements and no housing refunds unless you withdraw or the University is closed due to a state order.

Will people have their temperature taken before moving in?

Yes. On move-in day in January, TriHealth will be taking temperatures on site prior to anyone being permitted to enter the residence halls. Students (and any helpers they bring) should all take their temperatures and complete a symptom assessment before leaving their home on move-in day, and should delay their return if any member of their party has a fever of 100.4 or higher or any other symptoms of COVID-19.

How often will residence halls be cleaned and disinfected?

Common areas, high touch-points and restrooms will be disinfected at least once daily in all buildings while in use. Some cleaning supplies will be provided for students to clean their individual rooms, as well as to use on study room tables, kitchens, and other common areas that they may use throughout the day.

Can students use the common areas in the residence halls?

Yes, students are welcome to use common areas as long as they are practicing physical distancing. Some furniture has been removed from these areas, and adjusted room capacity has been posted, so where multiple people might have been able to share a study room before, now only one person may be able to use it at a time. If students see that someone is already using the laundry room or kitchen, they should wait until that person exits before entering the space. And of course, face coverings should always be worn if in a common area.

Will visitors be permitted in the residence halls?

No overnight visitors will be permitted in the residence halls.

In addition:

  • Students are strongly discouraged from having parents, family members, and most significantly friends from other universities visit during the fall semester. You should also limit your trips outside of Oxford.
  • If you plan to meet up with friends from other residence halls or off-campus, please meet somewhere other than a residential building. Keep your friend circle small and do not invite groups of new or unfamiliar friends into your living space.

What dining facilities will be available for students?

Depending on the number of students who return to on-campus housing, not all dining facilities may be open, or open the usual hours. Always check the Dining Services website for the most current information. Dining halls will have limited, distanced seating inside. Students should expect to take their food back to their rooms, or to eat outside (maintaining physical distancing) when possible.

Off-Campus Life

Can off-campus students come back to Oxford as scheduled? 

Students living off-campus are able to return to their apartment/house for the semester, but are not required to do so if they are choosing the remote option. However, this decision may impact your individual lease agreement. It is a decision each student and family needs to make for themselves. 

What is Miami doing to ensure off-campus students are following local guidelines?

Miami is working closely with the City of Oxford and the Butler Co. Health District on education and enforcement. All off-campus students are expected to abide by guidelines set out by the State of Ohio and the CDC, including limiting gatherings to those within your own residence, limiting gatherings to no more than 10 people, wearing face coverings, etc. Violators can be cited by the OPD and could also be held accountable under Miami’s Code of Student Conduct.

Courses and the Academic Calendar

I have opted to remain remote. How do I schedule?

If you choose to attend Miami remotely this spring, you will need to schedule accordingly. You may choose from open, unstarted online offerings. Course delivery mode displays on the course list in the ‘Delivery’ column. If provided by an academic department, additional information on delivery mode may be found under ‘show details - additional notes’ of a course section. 

To qualify for the remote option fee credit, your schedule must contain only courses designated as online (synchronous or asynchronous).

How can I tell if a course is on-campus, online, or hybrid? What is the difference between them?

Definitions of all course delivery models can be found on the eLearning website.

The searchable course list is the best source of information on the delivery model for each course section. The delivery model is listed under the ‘Delivery’ column. Course sections may also contain additional details regarding the delivery model under the ‘Show Details’ area. 

I would like to take all my courses remotely. What if a required course isn’t offered online?

Contact your academic advisor and course instructor to see if another possibility exists for completing the credit. You can find your academic advisor in your myMiami account under the Student tab.

How do I find my academic advisor?

  1. Log in to your myMiami student portal and select the Student tab.
  2. Your advisor’s name, contact information, and academic department will display.

Your Academic Advisor is the person you should contact with any questions you have about your academic plan. Please note that family members and other authorized individuals are not able to view student advisor information when logged in to view the student’s record.

Will the flexible credit/no credit option continue for Spring 2021?

For Spring semester 2021 we return to the University credit/no credit policy for both undergraduate and graduate level courses and to the associated deadlines found on the academic calendar for changing to/from credit/no credit.

My professor indicated that my spring hybrid course could be delivered fully-online. Will I still receive the credit if this is the case?

No. A hybrid course requires that a component of the course be delivered in-person. One or more hybrid or in-person courses will disqualify you for the financial credit.

Other Information 

If I go remote, will my financial aid or scholarships be adjusted?

In most cases no, but there may be some instances when we might need to adjust aid. If you plan to live at home with parents, please let us know by emailing the One Stop ( so that we can review your aid for any necessary changes. 

Will Aetna’s student health insurance premium be refunded if students take all online courses and do not live on campus? 

Aetna will not be issuing refunds if the student remains enrolled at Miami and has enrolled in the student health insurance. They will issue refunds if a student is not enrolled for any courses and takes a leave of absence.

Are there any plans to modify the health insurance requirement for international students taking classes remotely?

Global Initiatives will identify those International students who will be attending remotely and will waive the requirement of mandatory insurance for the Fall. They will forward a list to the bursar office and adjustments will be made. They will be charged at a prorated amount when they come in the Spring. Questions regarding International students and Health Insurance should be directed to Global Initiatives (513-529-8600).

I need a job to help pay for my tuition; can I return to campus for student employment if I have chosen to be a remote student? 

No. Students who elect the fully remote option and receive the remote credit will not be able to work or live on campus.

Where will my refund check be mailed?

We encourage you to set up direct deposit. Please visit for more information.

However, if you do elect to receive a check and you currently have an off-campus address, visit the Your Personal Information and Privay Rights page to update your address to your home address.