Brand Toolkit

Primary Guidelines

  • Use the PDFs and templates provided whenever possible.
  • Use the wording as provided on PDFs and templates.
  • Face Coverings are required.
  • All materials/posts must use the primary brand mark
  • Variations of the mark can be found in the Healthy Together Brand folder
  • No other formal or division logo is needed
  • Please do not modify the Healthy Together mark; use the versions provide; contact Barb Maccombs in UCM with any questions or concerns
  • All materials/posts must use the primary URL:

Iconography Usage

  • Icon files provided are named for what they represent (facemasks, dining, cleaning, etc)
  • See samples provided in the Iconography folder

Social Media Usage

  • UCM will create and manage posts on the main university accounts.
  • Sub-accounts are encouraged to keep the content of posts focused on return to campus procedures that pertain specifically to the operations of their division/department.

Signage Information

  • In the Signage folder, you will find PDFs that can be downloaded and printed to be displayed in your area as needed
  • You will also find a Templates folder with variable PDF options to be used to personalize your signage with the correct phone number or other information. You will need Acrobat Pro to use these templates. If you need assistance, please contact
  • In the Templates folder, there is a Google Doc which contains links to Google Slides (Power Point) templates which can also be used to create customized signage that is specific to your building or area. Please only use these when no other template option is available. If you need assistance, please contact
  • PFD will be assisting with determining capacities for classroom and meeting spaces. For more information, contact the Facilities Operation Center at 513-529-7018.
  • If you need signage printed on a different substrate than is available in your office, you can contact the Sign Shop at 529-7039 or