Face Masks and Facial Coverings

All Miami University faculty, staff, students and visitors (including vendors, family members and significant others) are required to wear a face covering-indoors and outside-at all times, with very limited exceptions.

student making sure her mask fits correctly over her nose and mouth

There may be university-approved exceptions to this requirement, such as when students are in their own residence hall room or when staff or faculty are alone in their office.

Anyone not wearing a face covering will be first asked to comply. Anyone not wearing a face covering will not be permitted to attend classes in person and can be refused service in dining locations and campus offices. For additional information, please refer to Miami University's COVID-19 Policy.

Miami provided one reusable, cloth face covering to each student, faculty and staff member at the start of the fall term. Students should bring enough reusable face coverings along to campus to wear a new one every day between laundry days.

Please note that face shields do not offer adequate protection on their own, and must be worn in combination with a facial covering, such as a mask, bandana, or neck gaiter.

People who cannot wear a facial covering due to medical or disability-related reasons should contact Human Resources, and students should contact the Miller Center for Student Disability Services at sds@miamioh.edu and Student Disability Services (Regionals) at regionalsds@miamioh.edu.

Classroom Enforcement Procedure

If a student comes to a class/studio/lab without a face covering or refuses to maintain physical distancing, the instructor should first ask the student to comply (e.g. put on a face covering). If the student refuses, the instructor should ask the student to leave the classroom/studio/lab and inform the student that the class/studio/lab will not proceed until the student either complies or leaves. If the student continues to refuse, the instructor should dismiss the class/studio/lab and immediately report the student to the Office of Community Standards. Students reported to the Office of Community Standards may be summarily suspended from the class/studio/lab.

Report Student Conduct