COVID-19 Oxford Campus Dashboard

Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Ohio and across the country. Public health experts are warning that the United States could be in the first stages of a second wave of the virus as cases rise nationwide.

Our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have never been more important. The best way to slow the spread is to follow our Healthy Together Plan and wear masks indoors and outside; maintain physical distancing; limit gathering sizes; wash your hands frequently; and follow the Remain in Room plan if your residence hall floor is affected.

These numbers are from the results reported by the Oxford Campus Student Health Service (SHS) and Employee Health Center (EHC), managed by TriHealth, the Butler County General Health District, Move-In testing, or self-reported.

The University updates this dashboard Monday through Friday. Past entries may be adjusted as necessary to reflect the most accurate information available.

You can also view a dashboard for the state of Ohio as well as the dashboard for Butler County.

As per the University's protocols, the Butler County General Health District is notified of every positive case and contact tracing is initiated.

For details about our testing plan, including frequency of testing and FAQs about the testing process, visit our Testing and Contact Tracing page.

Last updated Saturday, October 24.

Combination chart showing COVID-19 student data since October 9, 2020.

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Results are not received every day, for those dates with no reported results, the totals are included in the next report received.

Positive Test Updates

Information for Thursday, October 22.

Students Report
What We're Measuring Cases
Daily New 5
Estimated Active
(14 day total)
Cumulative Positive
(from Aug 17)
Estimated Cumulative Recovered 1911
Seven Day Moving Average
New Positive Cases
Seven Day Moving Average

Residence Hall Move-in Testing
Total Tests Total Positive
3601 29
Employees Report
What We're Measuring Cases
Daily New 0
Total Estimated Active
(14 days)
Cumulative Positive
(from Aug 17)
Estimated Cumulative Recovered 7

Residence Hall Positive Test Updates

Information for Friday, October 23. The residence hall information is updated 7 days per week.

Remain-in-Room Details and FAQs

Hall Name Advisory Level Changed Level
Anderson Level 1
Beechwoods Level 1 Level Decreased
Bishop Level 1
Brandon Level 2
Clawson Level 1
Collins Level 4
Dennison Level 1 Level Decreased
Dorsey Level 1 Level Decreased
Elliot Level 1
Emerson Level 4
Etheridge Level 1
Flower Level 1
Hahne Level 2
Hamilton Level 1
Havighurst Level 2
Hepburn Level 1 Level Decreased
Hillcrest Level 1
MacCracken Level 1
Maplestreet Level 1
McBride Level 1
McFarland Level 1
Minnich Level 1
Morris Level 2
Odgen Level 2 Level Decreased
Peabody Level 1
Porter Level 2
Presidents Level 1
Richard Level 2
Scott Level 1
Stanton Level 1 Level Decreased
Stoddard Level 1
Stonebridge Level 1 Level Decreased
Symmes Level 2
Tappan Level 2
Withrow Level 1

Percentage of Residence
Hall Floors at Each Level

88% of floors at level 1, 10% of floors at level 2, 0% of floors at level 3, 2% of floors at level 4

Advisory Level/Color Key:

Level 4 At least 1 floor with at least 5% tested positive in the last 7 days AND statistical evidence of a cluster

Level 3 At least 1 floor with 3 or more positive tests in the last 7 days

Level 2 At least 1 floor with 1-2 positive tests in the last 7 days

Level 1 0 positive tests in the last 7 days

The color-coded system is for traditional-style residence halls. Heritage Commons and Hawks Landing are apartment-style residences, and we are closely monitoring the occurrence of COVID-19 in these buildings using a separate process.

What happens when someone tests positive For COVID-19?

When a student or employee tests positive for COVID-19, they will need to separate themselves physically until medically cleared.

Confidentiality laws prohibit disclosure of individuals’ identities. Anyone believed to have been in close contact with an infected individual will be contacted. In cases where the University is not made aware of a positive test result by a student or employee, those cases would not be included in these totals.