Well-Being Resources While Practicing Safe Social Distancing

Well-Being Resources while Practicing Safe Social Distancing

Here are a variety of ways to keep your mind active, socially interact at a distance, and keep your body moving while we navigate a new schedule implementing the working-from-home concept.  All of these listed below are free during the time we are remote.  

2020 HawkWalk@Home: We’ll be there for you...
  • Begins April 8 through May 6
  • Sign up here to connect with HawkWalk@Home to receive an email each Wednesday
  • Emails will include self-guided walks and wellness activity instructions

“Let’s Get Active” Challenge

The Coalition for a Healthy Community - Oxford Area invites ALL residents to join in a fun activity challenge kicking off on 4/20/20. Together we’ll try to log 40,000 minutes of physical activity in 1 week.

Virtual Red Brick 5K 

  • Miami Recreation launches a virtual version of the 41st Red Brick 5k. Complete the race anytime and from anywhere between 4/25 and 4/30. Register online today.
Meditation and Yoga:

Online Fitness Videos for all fitness levels with a variety of formats available: These require signing up and offer a variety of workout formats using no equipment and are free for up to 90 days

Online Fitness Videos with variety of formats available
Well-Being Resources:
Resources to do with Children:
Unique Resources:
  • Tour museums from the comfort of your own home
  • John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Digital Stage 
  • Livecams allow you to live stream nature 
  • Google Arts & Culture The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks
  • View life-size animals right in your living room and take pictures:
  • Google an animal (Tiger or Emperor Penguin), scroll down a little, select “view in 3D” and have fun!
Mindfulness Outside and in your Neighborhood:

Visit our Pinterest Board for a variety of ways to practice mindfulness outside as well as a variety of ways to do treasure hunts with your neighbors while practicing social distancing, such as a bear hunt.

Please contact us with any questions or suggestions to add to this list.  We will continue to update this weekly.  

Your Employee Wellness Team: Cassie Wilson and Celine Walton