Heathy Miami Well Visit Q and A

Healthy Miami Premium Discount Program Wellness Visit Update

Primary care physician well visits completed through December 31, 2020 will count for the program, but may not display in your account until early 2021. 

Q: Once I complete my wellness visit, when can I expect to see my point?  Anthem and Cerner Wellness coordinate monthly uploads of wellness visits once they receive your Health Plan Consent. The planned upload schedule is:

2020 well visits completed through 10/31/20 were uploaded 11/12/20
2020 well visits completed through 11/30/20 will be uploaded 12/15/20
2020 well visits completed through 12/31/20 will be uploaded 01/15/21

Q: What if the upload date has passed and I still do not see my point? 

Follow these steps to check:
1. Did you complete the Health Plan Provider Consent? Visit your Healthy Miami account and complete it online at
2. Has the wellness visit medical claim been processed by Anthem? Check your online account, Engage App, or call the Anthem customer service line 1-833-995-1483.
3. Has your medical provider submitted the wellness visit claim? Contact their office to confirm.
4. Are you eligible to submit a Medical Exemption or Alternate Proof of Care Form? Access the forms and instructions online.

Q: What if my PCP has no open appointments before the Dec 31, 2020 deadline? 
This year, both diagnostic and wellness visits fulfil the “wellness” visit.  You are encouraged to complete your wellness visit and your options include your local provider office, retail clinics found commonly in grocery stores or you can utilize telehealth services for diagnostic services. Be sure to present your Anthem ID card before receiving care. You can also ask your provider to contact you in the case there are any cancellations and well visit appointments open up. 

Q: What if I do not have a PCP?
Use the Anthem provider finder or Engage App to identify a medical provider who is accepting new patients and contact the office to schedule. 

Q: Is there a form required for the wellness visit point?
No, your wellness visit point comes directly from Anthem medical claims once you complete the Health Plan Consent. The only time you need a form for your wellness visit is if the medical provider’s office does not accept Anthem health insurance. If your PCP does not bill Anthem or you completed your wellness visit before you were on Miami’s health plan, you can use the Alternate Proof of Care form to receive your point. 

Contact Info for Additional Assistance: 
Cerner Wellness Call Team can be reached 24/7 at 1-888-252-8150. Miami Benefits & Wellness can be reached by calling 513-529-3926 or via email