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Healthcare Flexible Spending (FSA)

A healthcare FSA is designated for eligible medical expenses such as copays, coinsurance, deductibles along with things like prescriptions, medical supplies and procedures. Now, over-the-counter medications no longer require a prescription and menstrual care products are eligible expenses.

2021 Annual IRS Limit: $2,750

Dependent Daycare Flexible Spending (FSD)

A dependent daycare FSA is designated for expenses incurred to care for your children age 12 and younger, as well as your adult tax dependents who are unable to care for themselves, while you are at work.

2021 Annual IRS Limit: $5,000



Eligible Medical Expenses

How you can use your medical FSA money.

Eligible Expenses with a Limited FSA (If you also have an HSA)

Find expenses associated with dental and vision only.

Eligible Childcare Expenses

How you can use your dependent care FSA money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to use the plan before you enroll.

IRS Publication 969

For use in understanding your FSA and taxes.