Supervisor Development Series

The Supervisor Development Series is a program designed to develop the essential skills to be a successful supervisor. Using an inside-out approach, the series begins with MBTI: Introduction to Type where you will focus on your own personality and preferences by taking the Myers Briggs Type Indicator assessment.

After this process of self-awareness, individuals can begin to better understand others and their personalities and preferences. This inside-out approach is used throughout the series to develop important supervisory skills, including:

  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Team building
  • Change management
  • Inclusiveness

This series is offered as a rolling curriculum with courses taking place approximately every two to three weeks. MBTI: Introduction to Type is a prerequisite for three other courses in the series. At the MBTI: Introduction to Type course, you will receive a binder to house all materials for the series. You may take the non-prerequisite courses in the series prior to MBTI: Introduction to Type, but it is recommended you take this class as early as possible in the series to receive the binder to begin building your toolkit.

Please note: In order to receive credit for these workshops, participants are expected to be present for the entire duration. These courses are not eligible for Job Enrichment Credit.

Upon completion of the entire series, individuals can request a certificate of completion by contacting:

Kristin Taylor
Senior Personnel Technician

Supervisor Development Series Workshops

You can access the TRAIN registrations system for each of the following workshops:

Building a Reputation of Integrity

Ethical decisions are made every day, easy and tough decisions. Building a Reputation of Integrity is designed to help you through the ethical decision-making process. Included in this course will be the opportunity to define ethical decision-making, create a personal code of ethics, learn ethical decision-making based on appropriate business principles, and participate in multiple case studies.


Building and Maintaining Your Team

Human capital is a competitive edge, and as an effective supervisor, one needs to know how to appropriately advocate growth and retention among their high-performing teams. Building and Maintaining Your Team is designed to assist supervisors in identifying strategies related to training and development, succession planning, and retention.

Prerequisite: MBTI: Introduction to Type

This workshop is not eligible for JE credit.

Change Management

Change is inevitable. How do you manage change and get the work done? Gain insight into frameworks for change and how to communicate the necessity for Change Management. Discover insights into how to care for yourself and others in times of change, and explore potential actions work groups can take to cope with change. In addition, participants will learn about the effects of change, how to deal with loss and resistance to change. Lastly, this workshop will explore individual MBTI type styles and organizational change.

Prerequisite: MBTI: Introduction to Type

This workshop is not eligible for JE credit. 

Communication's Role in Management

In Communcation's Role in Management, we will explore the effect that communication has on employees and how they interpret and receive communications from their supervisor. Other topics include perception, non-verbal communication, and Type and communication.

Prerequisite: MBTI: Introduction to Type 

This workshop is not eligible for JE credit.

Conflict Management

Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. However, sometimes conflict can be healthy. Why not equip yourself with the tools you need to effectively maneuver through situations when conflict arises. In Conflict Management, we will use the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) to identify personal approaches to conflicts. This self-scorable, easy to use instrument is the most widely used conflict management assessment.


MBTI: Introduction to Type

This MBTI: Introduction to Type course provides the MBTI foundation that is a prerequisite for other Supervisor Development Series courses (Change Management, Communication's Role in Management, and Building & Maintaining Your Team). During this session, we will explore the four dichotomies making up the 16 Myers-Briggs Types. Participants will receive a report indicating their results from the MBTI assessment. Through a specific process, participants will determine their own preferences and the preferences of others in the workplace.

This workshop is not eligible for JE credit.

Micro-Inequities Awareness

Ever felt like you were just a little bit different, and this difference was not revered in a positive light? Unfortunately, many of us could probably answer “yes” at some point in our career. This Micro-Inequities Awareness course is intended to explore our individual responsibility regarding how to stop subtle discrimination, or micro-inequities. The focus of this course stems around how we raise awareness of, and implement, a thoughtful, respectful, inclusive and productive work environment. Participants will discuss various micro-inequity driven topics and be challenged to be advocates for a respectful workplace.