JEP Learning Opportunity Resources Process

JEP Learning Opportunity Resources provide the learning content necessary to accomplish Professional Development Plans. These resources can include academic courses, professional or technical training, online learning, webinars, conferences, etc. The following steps outline the process for identifying the most relevant learning opportunity resources emphasizing that the Professional Development Plan serves as the foundation for the process.

Foundation: Professional Development Plan

Supervisor + Employee

Professional Development Plans are collaboratively created by the employee and supervisor as a result of the information contained in the annual performance review and the goals established for the upcoming year.

The Professional Development Plan serves as the foundation for identifying relevant learning opportunities.

Step 1: Identify Learning Opportunity Resources

Supervisor + Employee

  • Identify appropriate learning opportunity resources
  • Research cost for learning and obtain budget approval
  • Make arrangements to access learning content and materials

Step 2: Access and Purchase Learning

Supervisor + Employee

  • Access learning
  • Pay for learning and materials
  • All materials can be retained by department

Step 3: Complete Learning


  • Complete learning
  • Obtain documentation for completed learning (certificates, test scores, grades…)

Step 4: Submit Learning Completions

Employee + Supervisor

  • Employee submits learning completions via Formstack with documentation
  • Supervisor provides input regarding ROI for individual and department
  • Department can retain all learning materials

Step 5: Update MyCard Record

Staff Development + Employee

  • Staff Development updates employee’s MyCard record
  • Employee tracks learning completions and JEP points in MyCard