Bookstore and Customer Service

HR-Functional Job Titles

Bookstore Manager
Customer Services Coordinator (Campus Services)
Customer Service Specialist


Performance Evaluation: Current, satisfactory (annually)

Approved Learning Opportunities

Academic Courses

Our list of academic courses is approved for all job enrichment participants in any curriculum. If you complete similar courses, of similar title, at other institutions, we can review them for possible approval.

American Management Association Self-Study Courses

Our list of American Management Association Courses is approved for job enrichment participants in this curriculum.

Individual Development Workshops

Individual Development Workshops are designed to all faculty and staff at all levels within the University who are interested in developing skills for professional growth. Registration is required for participation.

Please check our calendar often, as sessions are added frequently. Please note in order to receive credit for these workshops, participants are expected to be present for the entire duration.

ISCA (Campus Services only)

Customer Service Certification: 9 points

Non-Academic, University-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

The non-academic, university-sponsored learning opportunities can change from year to year. As a result, the points you can earn from completing them may vary. Please contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for the points awarded for each of the following.

The list of Non-academic, University-sponsored learning opportunities is approved for job enrichment participants in this curriculum.

NRF (Campus Services only)

Build a Continuous Relationship: 2 points
Building the Sale: 2 points
Closing the Sale: 2 points
Completing the Sales Transaction: 2 points
Explaining Features and Benefits: 2 points
Getting to Know Your Customer: 2 points
Go the Extra Mile: 2.5 points
Keeping Up Appearances: 2 points
Meet Your Customer's Needs: 2 points
Preventing Loss: 2 points
Promoting Safety: 2 points
Stocking the Shelves: 2 points


Skillport offers extensive online learning opportunities, sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development.

TPC Courses

Universal Class

Universal Class is an online learning program offered through Lane Public library and other local public libraries. This program provides a diverse offering of intellectually stimulating courses for people interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Contact your JEP Administrator with course questions and possible approved courses.