Building and Grounds Assistant

HR-Functional Job Title

Building and Grounds Assistant

Department Job Title

Building and Grounds Assistant
Facility Service Specialist


Performance Evaluation: Current, satisfactory (annually)

Approved Learning Opportunities

Academic Courses

Our list of academic courses is approved for all job enrichment participants in any curriculum. If you complete similar courses, of similar title, at other institutions, we can review them for possible approval.

American Management Association Self-Study Courses

Our list of American Management Association Courses is approved for job enrichment participants in this curriculum.

CE Direct (Dining Staff only)

Accountability in the Food Service Department RD62: 12 points
Celiac Disease Demands a Lifelong Gluten-Free Diet RD386-60: 1 point
Cultural Competency RD05: 3 points
Enhancing Productivity in Foodservice RD79: 6 points
Food Gone Bad CE459: 1 point
Selecting Food Service Equipment RD125: 6 points
Understanding and Preventing Foodborne Illness RD19: 2 points
Using Protein to Maximize Athletic Performance RD152: 1 point

Custodial Management Institute

Custodial Technician Handbook Basic: 125 points
Custodial Technician Handbook Advanced: 125 points

Grounds Series (Grounds Staff Only)

Grounds 100 Series
Grounds 200 Series
Grounds 300 Series

ICSA (Dining Staff only)

Customer Service Certification: 9 points

Individual Development Workshops

Individual Development Workshops are designed to all faculty and staff at all levels within the University who are interested in developing skills for professional growth. Registration is required for participation.

Please check our calendar often, as sessions are added frequently. Please note in order to receive credit for these workshops, participants are expected to be present for the entire duration.

Non-Academic, University-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

The non-academic, university-sponsored learning opportunities can change from year to year. As a result, the points you can earn from completing them may vary. Please contact your Job Enrichment Administrator for the points awarded for each of the following.

The list of Non-academic, University-sponsored learning opportunities is approved for job enrichment participants in this curriculum.


Skillport offers extensive online learning opportunities, sponsored by Human Resources Staff Development.

TPC Courses

201 Basic Electricity and Electronics: 10 points (Dining Staff Only)
367 Plumbing Systems Maintenance: 10 points (Dining Staff Only)
376 Energy Conservation Basics: 5 points (Dining Staff Only)
377 Energy Losses in Buildings: 5 points (Dining Staff Only)
378 Heating/Cooling System Efficiency: 5 points (Dining Staff Only)
380 Electrical Energy Conservation: 5 points (Dining Staff Only)
451 Cleaning Chemicals: 5 points
452 Floor and Floor Care Equipment: 5 points
453 Maintaining Floors and Other Surfaces: 6 points
454 Restroom Care: 5 points
455 Carpet and Upholstery Care: 5 points
901 Maintenance Organization: 7 points (Dining Staff Only)
903 Implementing Preventative Maintenance: 5 points (Dining Staff Only)
905 Communication Skills for Supervisors: 7 points

Universal Class

Universal Class is an online learning program offered through Lane Public library and other local public libraries. This program provides a diverse offering of intellectually stimulating courses for people interested in the lifelong pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. Contact your JEP Administrator with course questions and possible approved courses.