Timekeeping and Pay Schedules

The department in which you work will communicate the method you will use to record your work time. You will use one of the following methods to clock in and out:

For any position you work, you need to clock in at the beginning of your shift and clock out at the end of your shift. Your time is recorded exactly as entered (i.e., there is no rounding). You must punch in/out your time on campus; student employees are not permitted to work at home.

If you take a lunch break, you need to clock out when you leave for lunch and clock in when you return from lunch. See Work Hours and Breaks for required breaks.

Multiple Positions and Transferring Time

If you have multiple jobs at Miami, one position will be the primary position in Kronos and the other(s) will be transfer jobs. When you work at the transfer job(s), you will need to transfer your time at the badge reader or on the Cisco phone at the beginning of your shift.

You will need the following three pieces of information to transfer your time for the non-primary position(s):

  • The 4-digit Time Sheet Organization code you will use when recording your time for that job.
  • The Location code(s) you should use (if applicable). Most jobs requiring location are in HDRBS, Physical Facilities, Libraries, ICAAG, IT Services, MUH, and MUM.
  • The Position Suffix, eight-digit number for your job.

Reviewing and Editing Kronos

Student employees cannot view or edit their own punches. If requested, supervisors can show the student employee their timecard to review for accuracy.

If you miss clocking in or out, or you have any other changes to make to your time in Kronos, please submit the time changes to your supervisor in an email from your Miami email address (or on a paper form provided by the department). Your request must be in writing and include:

  • Your name.
  • The date of the requested change.
  • The time the punch should read.
  • The reason for the change (i.e., what happened to miss the punch).

The Office of General Counsel's policy on records and retention requires supervisors to retain such requests for 3 years either electronically or hard copy.

Please note: Supervisors may not edit punches that remove overtime. Removing overtime for an employee may be cause for termination of the supervisor.

For questions about Kronos, contact Payroll Services (513-529-6223).

Pay Schedules

Hourly students are paid on a biweekly pay schedule. Salaried students are paid on the last day of each month.