Technology for the Analytics Learning Lab

Project Title: Technology for the Analytics Learning Lab

Project Lead: Allison Farmer


Phone: (513) 529-4823

Affiliation: FSB

Other Team Member Names: Maria Weese, Waldyn Martinez

Project Details: The purpose of this project is to equip the Analytics Learning Lab with a wireless display and two workstations. The Analytics Learning Lab is an innovative initiative specifically designed to support this mission, and it will include four key components: (1) Innovative workspaces for team collaboration; (2) Hardware, software, and technology support necessary for students, faculty, and staff to learn, apply and conduct research in analytics and data science; (3) A repository of resources to support the learning and application of analytics and data science; (4) Faculty-directed, student-led teams to provide peer-topeer support for the data-related research and analysis portions of client-based experiential projects. The current location for the Analytics Learning Lab is in the Farmer School of Business (FSB) 2006. At present, this space supports interdisciplinary student groups working on client project teams for the Center for Analytics and Data Science. Once outfitted with the appropriate technology, the space will be used to host meetings with experiential learning partners; support student work teams for experiential classes (ISA 496, ISA 404, ISA 491, and other classes working with large data sets); support walk-in office hours for students seeking technical guidance with data-related problems, support a repository of resources to be built to support analytics and data science throughout the Miami University community. To outfit the workspace, we are asking for a wireless display that will allow easy integration of approximately 200 students per year through analytics courses or co-curricular activities along with our industry partners. This display will be used for client presentations, student work groups, and datarelated teaching activities. In addition, we are asking for two permanent workstations in the room to allow for our Analytics Lab Fellows a space to teach other students in one-on-one data-related help sessions.

Problem Project Attempts to Solve: Currently, the room has no technology. By adding the wireless display, we will allow for efficient video exchange capabilities which will allow students to share and present data, data visualizations, computer code, and documentation. The efficient connection and switching capability will allow for up to four screens to be shared simultaneously to promote the collaborative learning environment required for most data science problems. By adding the two workstations, our student fellows will have direct access to our software resources without using Citrix. In addition to local access to software, they will also have remote desktop capabilities into the Analytics Server. The desktop workstations will allow student fellows to hold office hours using Miami's software configurations without reliance on their personal laptops and a virtual connection.

Does this project focus on Graduate Studies?: Yes

If yes, explain: Although the focus of CADS is primarily on undergraduate education, graduate students in Economics, Statistics, and Computer Science and Software Engineering will also benefit from these resources. In particular, Graduate Student Fellows (along with Undergraduate Student Fellows) will be responsible for peer teaching using these resources.

Does it meet tech fee criteria?: The wireless display and workstations will allow students (approximately 200 students) to work collaboratively on experiential client projects, to engage in a peer teaching model through the Analytics Lab Student Fellows, and to display their projects to our industry learning partners in a convenient manner.

How will you assess the project?: We will evaluate the success of this project through the following measures: •The number of analytics-related teams working through the Analytics Learning Lab. •The number of experiential project meetings the Analytics Learning Lab. •The number of students using the resources to be provided by the Analytics Learning Lab.

Have you received tech fee funding in the past?: Yes

What results were achieved?: Yes, last year I received funds for two new servers (joint proposal with Dr. Weese and others). Those servers are currently being utilized in ISA 496 (Business Analytics Practicum) for client based text mining project as well as running SAS Enterprise Miner software in ISA 491 (Introduction to Data Mining). Last semester in two sections of ISA 491 there were no interruptions, shut downs, or any disruptions in course work due to slow or crashing software. Additionally, when the students completed the experiential predictive modeling project, the speed of the server under the demand of over 30 student groups did not suffer. Other software such as Horton, Hadoop, and R-Studio server is supported for ISA 414 (Managing Big Data). A final report will be written after two complete semesters of operation. The current proposal is focused on equipping the Analytics Learning Lab which will be a place for students and faculty to gain technical expertise in analytics and data science. The wireless monitor and desktop computers will work in conjunction with the Analytics servers in equipping the multidisciplinary analytics and data science programs with the necessary technology to promote the sound practice of analytics throughout Miami University

Did you submit a final report?: No

What happens to this project in year two?: Any future software or hardware maintenance will be performed by FSB IT staff and any future cost will be funded by FSB.

Hardware: Dell, radianttech, $6,885.8800000000001

Contracts: radianttec, $955

Other, please explain: Cables and Connectors, $822

Total Budget: $8662.8799999999992