Biofeedback Therapy Equipment

Project Title: Biofeedback Therapy Equipment

Project Lead: Kip Alishio


Phone: (513) 529-4634

Affiliation: SAF

Other Team Member Names: Tim Kresse, Tong-An Shueh

Project Details: Acquire a biofeedback equipment to provide training of biofeedback therapy for the psychologist training program (doctoral associates from the clinical psychology program and psychological interns) and to conduct biofeedback therapy directly on Student Counseling Service clients for purposes of enhancing clinical interventions.

Problem Project Attempts to Solve: We have limited and separate biofeedback devices currently that only measures 3 biofeedback indexes (finger temperature, palm sweating, and heart rate variability) out of the 5 major biofeedback indexes (breathing pattern and muscle tension plus the above mentioned 3 indexes). The current biofeedback devices could not provide comprehensive biofeedback training, individual biofeedback therapy, or biofeedback assessment.

Does this project focus on Graduate Studies?: Yes

If yes, explain: All psychology trainees are doctoral students in Ph.D. programs in counseling or clinical psychology. The program would primarily enhance psychology trainees' ability to conduct biofeedback workshops, individual biofeedback therapy, and biofeedback assessment for their training purposes which in turn assists undergraduate students who are the majority of the clientele of the psychologist trainees.

Does it meet tech fee criteria?: This project would significantly enhance the overall counseling services for all students through providing biofeedback therapy with the current innovative biofeedback technology. This innovative biofeedback technology can let the clients see their real-time body responses based on their different emotions which can facilitate the therapeutic process more effectively. Biofeedback services have been incorporated by many leading university counseling centers for students' concerns such as stress coping, somatic symptoms (i.e., insomnia & migraine), generalized anxiety, panic attacks, test anxiety, ADHD, and athletic performance enhancement. Biofeedback technology can provide innovative experiential feedback for clients who might not be used to traditional talk therapy.

How will you assess the project?: (1) Count the number of biofeedback training provided through the new biofeedback equipment vs current biofeedback training provided for psychological trainees. (2) count the number of times therapists use the new biofeedback equipment to provided biofeedback related clinical interventions in one year.

Have you received tech fee funding in the past?: No

Software: Thought Technology Biofeedback Expert System: $6,590.00

Hardware: (Hardware and software is combined)

Total Budget: $6,590