Student Counseling Intake Data Collection

Project Title: Student Counseling Intake Data Collection

Project Lead: Kip Alishio


Phone: (513) 529-4634

Affiliation: Other

Other Team Member Names: John Ward, Tim Kresse

Project Details: All students seeking clinical services at Student Counseling Service are asked to complete a variety of demographic, testing and other information forms prior to being seen by a clinician. This project would fund a sufficient number of machines that would allow multiple students to complete the surveys simultaneously and to easily and quickly allow for summary reports of the information to be made available to the clinicians and efficient storage and utilization of the data for multiple purposes.

Problem Project Attempts to Solve: As stated above, the problem this project would solve is one of how to efficiently and quickly gather data from multiple students simultaneously presenting for clinical services that can be summarized and analyzed and made available to clinicians immediately as well as stored for future reference and analysis? the approach is to provide all such students with laptop-type machines with software programs loaded on them on which the students can enter the data themselves.

Does this project focus on Graduate Studies?: Yes

If yes, explain: We provide services to graduate as well as undergraduate students.

Does it meet tech fee criteria?: This project would enable access instantly to a great amount of data that can be used by clinicians in making assessment and evaluation of student mental health conditions and needs. This allows for effective gathering and utilization of a much greater amount of information than can otherwise be gathered through paper and pencil or other conventional surveying methods.

How will you assess the project?: Student satisfaction will be assessed via inclusion of items on student satisfaction surveys (which would be administered and tallied rapidly and instantly via these new machines!). Impact of utility of the project will be assessed by counting the number of times that students must wait more than 5 minutes for service (the lower the number the more effective the project).

Have you received tech fee funding in the past?: No

Hardware: Dell Chromebook 11, $2,200

Total Budget: $2200