Competitive Process Proposals (FY18)

Here you will find a list of all the project proposals that were accepted and the amount funded for each. More details can be found by exploring each proposal.

For more information about proposals that weren't funded or to view previous years' project proposals, please email

College of Arts & Science Proposals

Enhancement of Laboratory Demonstrations through Digital Projection

Requestor: Joseph Carlin

Amount: $1,057

STATA Lab Maintenance Renewal

Requestor: Bryan Marshall

Amount: $1,120

Ultraviolet and Visible Light Spectrophotometer for Molecular Quantitation at the Center for Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics (CBFG)

Requestor: Andor Kiss

Amount: $4,045

002 Harrison Hall Classroom Technology

Requestor: Bryan Marshall

Amount: $13,454

Political Science: Harrison Hall 116 Teaching Technology

Requestor: Bryan Marshall

Amount: $13,455

20 TB RAID Array for Video archive and video editing

Requestor: David Sholle

Amount: $1,738

New Microphones

Requestor: David Sholle

Amount: $4,800

Political Science: 114 Harrison Hall Classroom Technology

Requestor: Bryan Marshall

Amount: $6,917

Combining Advanced Sensors and Big Data with Artificial Intelligence to Understand the Response of Lake Ecosystems to Climate Change

Requestor: Craig Williamson

Amount: $15,000

Teaching Technology for Psychology

Requestor: Cecilia Shore

Amount: $17,500

Upgrading social psychology lab

Requestor: Allen McConnell

Amount: $3,810

UPH 292 Interactive Projector Installation

Requestor: Wietse de Boer

Amount: $13,983

Online Tutoring for the Center of Psychological Inquiry

Requestor: Christina Fitzpatrick

Amount: $3,285

Purchase of a Polarimeter for Organic Laboratory Courses

Requestor: Ben Gung

Amount: $20,044

Smartphone wireless pH electrodes for at-home fermentation experiments for CHM/CPD/MBI 436A

Requestor: Neil Danielson

Amount: $4,896

Expanding Student Experiential Learning with Artifact Collections and 3D Technology

Requestor: Jeb Card

Amount: $9,421

Rapid modulation of light waves using electric fields

Requestor: Samir Bali

Amount: $19,348

Seismic data acquisition system for rapid deployments during teachable moments

Requestor: Mike Brudzinski

Amount: $66,929

Stream Tables for Teaching in Geography and Geology

Requestor: Barsotz Grudzinski

Amount: $18,775

MJF Teaching Lab 227

Requestor: Steven Beitzel

Amount: $12,490

Modernization of MBI 425/525 and other courses

Requestor: Mitchell Balish

Amount: $12,834

Project-Based Learning in Urban Planning and Sustainability: Interactive Technology for Graphical Communication and Visualization

Requestor: David Prytherch

Amount: $5,650

Increasing Student Engagement and Faculty/Student Interaction in Biology courses with Interactive Laboratory Software and Interactive Compute

Requestor: Tracy Haynes

Amount: $17,853

Elevating the Mathematical Profile of STEM Instruction at Miami University

Requestor: Dana Cox

Amount: $2,023

College of Creative Arts Proposals

Moving Music Education into the 21st Century

Requestor: Brian Meyers

Amount: $10,698

Digital Fabric Printer

Requestor: Della Reams

Amount: $45,000

College of Engineering and Computing Proposals

College of Education, Health, and Society Proposals

Project TAD Teachlive Across Departments

Requestor: Douglas Brooks

Amount: $12,800

Performance Monitoring System for Periodization Tracking

Requestor: Eric Brooks

Amount: $10,180

Update Computers in Phillips Hall

Requestor: Mary Issenmann

Amount: $12,500

Project ACE (Accessible Classroom Experience)

Requestor: Megan Zahneis

Amount: $34,983

Non-Invasive Technology to Measure Cardiovascular Responses and Adaptations to Exercise

Requestor: Kevin Ballard

Amount: $9,452

Power of Tower Gardens

Requestor: Nancy Parkinson

Amount: $3,900

Farmer School of Business Proposals

FSB VirtualPC Host's drive replacement

Requestor: Jerry Cruez

Amount: $23,452

A Display Screen to Support Student Presentations

Requestor: Heidi McKee

Amount: $2,839

Lab Work Station Upgrade

Requestor: Skip Benamati

Amount: $14,592

Hadoop Infrastructure for Big Data Analytics

Requestor: TM Rajkumar

Amount: $84,000

Miami University Libraries Proposals

Vogue Archive Database

Requestor: Lori Chapin

Amount: $15,134

FUJITSU Image Scanner ScanSnap SV600

Requestor: Eric Weaver

Amount: $2,344

12.9-inch iPad Pro + Apple Pencil

Requestor: Sean Poppe

Amount: $4,890

Marantz SA8005 Super Audio CD Player

Requestor: Barry Zaslow

Amount: $1,199

Zoom H2n digital audio recorders

Requestor: Laura Shepherd

Amount: $1,180

Wacom Intuos Pro M

Requestor: Sean Poppe

Amount: $2,800

Digital Camera and Projector Upgrade

Requestor: Kris Abney

Amount: $7,181

USB-C King Circulation upgrade

Requestor: Pat Hawk

Amount: $2,117

Logic Pro X in Libraries

Requestor: Bryan Partner

Amount: $8,000

Advanced Multi-Material 3D Printer

Requestor: John Williams

Amount: $7,914

Update Technology in Library Group Study Rooms

Requestor: Stan Brown

Amount: $10,273

Modern Laptops with Specialty Software

Requestor: Thomas Tully

Amount: $4,00

Student Affairs Proposals

Online mental health gatekeeper training for students, faculty, and staff

Requestor: Kip Alishio

Amount: $11,375

iPads for Learning Labs

Requestor: Christina Carrubba-Whetstine

Amount: $6,057